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Don't Get Out of the Boat - Option Expiration on Friday

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Published : August 16th, 2022
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"Hot money seeks out the conscious mispricing of risk. Capital, in the form of both money and personal talent, increasingly flows into malinvestment and the gaming of markets. The productive economy languishes, left wanting for the lack of creative resources and attention. The bubble rises to unsustainable valuations— and fails, and a nation's capital is consumed.

The next five years are not about winning, but surviving."

Jesse, The Men Who Sold the World, 5 August 2019

"He who sells what isn't his'n,
Must buy it back or go to prison."

Daniel Drew

"When we look back on this period in time with the perspective of history, we will see markets dominated by control frauds and mispricing of risk that will seem painfully obvious.  Why do we not see this now?   Why did so few see it coming 2007, and in 2000?  Perhaps because the money is too good, and our societal judgement is too corrupted, often willfully so.  Bubbles have a surprising resiliency, as does evil in a hardened heart.   And for the same reasons."

Jesse, April 2021

"This place is like somebody's memory of a town, and the memory is fading. It's like there was never anything here but jungle."

Rust Cohle, True Detective

Stocks managed to rally today despite, or perhaps because of, the stunningly bad Empire State Manufacturing Index.

We don't need no stinking real economy.  We just need more easy Fed money.

Gold and silver were hit hard, and the Dollar rallied.

And it turned out to be a risk on day.

Run bully, run.

Option Expiration for August on Friday. 

For the rest of the year remember, never get out of the boat.

Have a pleasant evening.

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