ERY Rallies over 35% after our call to “start looking for the next move”.

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Published : October 07th, 2019
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Category : Market Analysis

Sometimes, it pays to be lucky and skilled when deploying technical analysis and price theory.  We caught an early move in ERY back in June 2019 for a nice profit.  Then watched as price fell back towards the $44 price level – expecting another base/bottom setup to form.  On September 12, 2019, we issued a research post suggesting to our followers that ERY is reaching a key low point and that traders should start looking for the next move (see below) but before you continue, be sure to opt-in to our free market trend signals newsletter.

We had no idea that Yemen would launch a drone attack on Saudi Arabia crippling their oil production capacity within 5 days of that research post.  All we knew was that ERY was moving back towards a historical low price level that would present another opportunity for skilled traders – an opportunity for profits.

At that time, we believed any price level near of below $45 would qualify as a solid entry point and warned our followers to “watch for any deeper price moves below $45” for key entry levels.  5 days later, a very deep price level printed (near $40) after the attack on the Saudi oil plant.  What happened next?


Daily ERY – Energy Sector ETF Chart

The first real opportunity for a deeper price move below $45 happened on the following Monday after the attack near $40.  This constituted a very deep price decline and provided multiple days of opportunity for entry below $44.

Nearly 3 weeks later, the ERY price rallied to levels above $56 reaching a solid +35% gain.  As we stated, sometimes it pays to be lucky and skilled when trading.  We hope some of you were able to follow our research and catch a part of this move?

Concluding Thoughts:

Get ready for the next big move in ERY, folks.  If our research is correct, another setup will happen before the end of October with another basing level below $45 and another attempt at a rally in ERY with upside targets settling near $55 or higher.  It’s just a matter of time before this new basing/bottom setup takes place.  We’ll keep you informed when we believe the timing is right to look for new entry points.

As a technical analysis and trader since 1997, I have been through a few bull/bear market cycles. I believe I have a good pulse on the market and timing key turning points for both short-term swing trading and long-term investment capital. The opportunities are massive/life-changing if handled properly.

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I can tell you that huge moves are about to start unfolding not only in metals, or stocks but globally and some of these supercycles are going to last years. This quick and simple to understand guide on trading with technical analysis will allow you to follow the markets closely and trade with it. Never be caught on the wrong side of the market again and suffer big losses. PDF guide: Technical Trading Mastery

Chris Vermeulen

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Chris Vermeulen has been involved in the markets since 1997 and is the founder of Technical Traders Ltd. He is an internationally recognized technical analyst, trader, and author of the book: 7 Steps to Win With Logic Through years of research, trading and helping individual traders around the world. He learned that many traders have great trading ideas, but they lack one thing, they struggle to execute trades in a systematic way for consistent results. Chris helps educate traders with a three-hour video course that can change your trading results for the better. His mission is to help his clients boost their trading performance while reducing market exposure and portfolio volatility. He has also been on the cover of AmalgaTrader Magazine, and featured in Futures Magazine, Gold-Eagle, Safe Haven,The Street, Kitco, Financial Sense, Dick Davis Investment Digest and dozens of other financial websites.
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