Fatty-Fat Finger Stikes Again!! Cartel Beats Silver Then Silver Beats Back!

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Published : January 25th, 2018
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UPDATE 10:45am CST:

It seems the “market” is roaring back and both gold and silver are close to regaining the entire beat-down. Now, will we see the precious metals rally above yesterdays close? If that happens – WOW – what kind of signal would that send to the traders and paper contract pushers? My guess is – an extremely strong signal.


Well now. When one sees a spike down like this one usually associates some traumatic blow to the economy or some really great news coming across the wire. Not today. Just another Tuesday morning here in the “land of the free” markets and “home of the brave” traders. Checked two of the biggest websites on the planet and neither are reporting anything out of the ordinary – neither are even reporting on this drop in the silver benchmark – so, I guess it’s just business as usual.

Silver has taken most of the full-frontal assault this morning but gold has taken a hit as well. Will the metals climb back up, as they’ve been doing over the past several months or will the cartel be waiting in the wings with another gazillion paper contracts to “fix” the market? We just can’t have people thinking something is wrong with the utopian euphoria that has been built by the central planners.

So far it appears that Fatty-Fat Finger is just hanging around with a whole bundle of paper contracts to keep the “market” adjusted to the central planners liking. We can only hope the actual market awakens and reclaims the reigns within the next 48 hours. Otherwise, we may be in for more “consolidation” before resuming our ascent to the next level.

Source : thedailycoin.org
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