Ft. Hood: An Avoidable Tragedy

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Published : April 07th, 2014
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Last week we saw yet another tragedy at Ft. Hood, Texas, as a distraught Iraq war veteran killed three of his fellow soldiers before killing himself. It is nearly five years after the last Ft. Hood shooting, where 13 people were killed. These tragedies are heartbreaking and we certainly feel much sympathy for the families of the victims.

While there is much focus on the mental illness that appears to have driven many of these men to murder, what is left unsaid is the cause of the tragedy. Government officials and the media only talk about the symptoms that lead to these tragic events. They will tell us that there are people who get post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and kill themselves and others. They will all call for more government intervention into the lives of those in the military to root out and "treat" mental illness.

But they will never question the two causes of these tragedies: the disastrous decade-long US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have destroyed the minds of so many service members, and the government psychiatrists who prescribe extremely dangerous psychotropic drugs to treat these damaged soldiers.

On the drugs, it is true that in almost every story we read about these kinds of mass killings, whether on a military base or in a school, the kids or veterans have been treated with these dangerous drugs. When will the medical profession wake up and realize that these drugs are often worse than the illness they are designed to treat?

We need to understand that the problem of veterans returning home with serious mental illness is increasing at an alarming rate. We are not talking about a few thousand people returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are talking about a hundred thousand people. And according to government statistics, about 20 percent of returning vets will suffer from PTSD, and a further 20 percent will suffer from traumatic brain injuries.

The numbers are significant and they are frightening. While some will ignore these statistics and point out that these wars are producing far less deaths than previous ones, the fact is these brain injuries and disorders are a living death for the victims. And increasingly, those living in such horrific circumstances, full of deadly drugs that are supposed to treat the problem but only make matters worse, are striking out against those in their communities or committing suicide.

But what of the other main cause of these tragedies? What no media or government representative will admit is that US military members are suffering horrible mental illnesses because they have been sent over and over again into senseless wars overseas. That is the real cause of this crisis. The real horror comes when these soldiers return to the US to realize that the wars have not been won and all of the suffering and dying on both sides has been in vain. Just think of how many individuals over the last 15 years would not have suffered death or injury -- or post-traumatic stress disorders or brain injuries -- if we didn't go to war unnecessarily!

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may be winding down, but the war against our veterans continues. Why are the people who are really guilty, those who lied us into war, not being called to task?

Unfortunately, the truth is that these same people who lied us into war in Iraq are still getting us involved unnecessarily overseas, in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Ukraine. The problem, the interventionism that creates these deeply troubled service members, continues to thrive, unpunished. And even worse: these people continue to plan our future disasters even though they will not suffer the fate of those they send to be broken on foreign battlefields.

We must end the aggressive wars that break our military, and end the dangerous drugs that turn deeply-troubled victims into killers. Let's have no more Ft. Hoods!

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You are nuts !!! Me too... never mind.
"I agree that those useless wars have taken a toll on our military"
"Our military !" Yes you pay enough taxes to keep them alive.
Who else should have taken the toll ? What were they doing there in the first place ?
"Distributing democracy !!!"
I agree that these useless wars have taken a toll on our military, but I doubt if Paul would approve of ANY war organized by the government for the defense of America. Like Rockwell and his clique, he doesn't believe in any government at all. PTSD is a fact of combat, any combat, whether the cause is justifiable or not -- and our recent efforts have not been justifiable.

A better way to avoid this kind of tragedy would be to allow our military to carry their weapons on and off their bases.
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Same old thing here Jim. The wars that have been fought for the last 50 some years have not been in defence of America. You seem to avoid reading Pauls comments (in every post he makes on the subject) that he fully backs having a strong military to DEFEND the US but never to wage wars where the military doesn't belong. The problem is that the Washington morons will claim that all of the failed wars that they have committed the military to fight on their behalf were in defence of the US. They were in defence of some 1% jackass's keeping the profits up.

Name one war that has been recently fought that was for pure defence of your country Jim. Now think of all the people in a large number of countries that now want to destroy the US simply because the morons decided to mess with their country for financial profit, killing children, burning uninvolved villagers homes to the ground, and filling the 1% deep pockets. And the morons can't seem to see that this is why more than half the planet hates the US. But I suspect they fully understand this last item and use it to keep the profits up. It can be expensive to run a military dontchaknow so better to have the US tax payers foot the bill.

Less men and women sent to fight useless wars means less PTSD.
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I agree with you -- and Paul -- on the recent useless wars America has fought, including the useless Vietnam war I was too stupid to get out of.

My gut feeling is that Ron Paul, once a Libertarian (and now strongly allied with the Rockwell crowd) is now an anarchist believing in NO government, No government organized defense. He took a number of positions in the last Republican primaries that indicate such a change in his political philosophy.

It's a gut feeling, but enough to put it out there and take dings for it.

Rate :   0  6Rating :   -6
You seem to have a problem with "anarchists". Doug Casey too e.g. "HE IS AN ANARCHIST !" "RUN !!!"
I am finishing his "Totally Incorrect." On the night table. A few pages per night.
I am one too. An anarchist. But so tiresome. Would I rather go with the flow. NO !
What is your definition of an anarchist eventually is a question I could ask.
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I believe " Jim C." is a computer program developed by the NSA.
Let's test it.
Who recently has been doing efforts to achieve... what exactly... Jim ?
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Afghanistan helped bankrupt the USSR. A couple more trillion on wars could do the same to the USA.
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I agree with you -- and Paul -- on the recent useless wars America has fought, including the useless Vietnam war I was too stupid to get out of. My gut feeling is that Ron Paul, once a Libertarian (and now strongly allied with the Rockwell crowd) is no  Read more
Jim C. - 4/8/2014 at 11:48 PM GMT
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