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Published : September 09th, 2013
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      First: Paul Sabin’s stupid op-ed in The New York Times Saturday shows how intellectually bankrupt and pusillanimous the “newspaper of record” has become, in step with the depraved and decadent empire whose record-keeper it supposedly pretends to be. Sabin is flame-keeper for the theories of the late cornucopian demi-god Julian Simon, a business school professor whose great idea stokes the wishful thinking that has overtaken a class of American leaders who ought to know better, and spread through the public they serve like a fungal infection of the brain. The core of Julian Simon’s great idea is that material resources don’t matter; human ingenuity will overcome all limits.

     Maybe that’s a temporarily comforting thought for leaders in business, media, and politics, who don’t want to face the realities of peak resources and climate change, but it guarantees a harsher economic outcome since the wishful public will do nothing to prepare for the very different terms of daily living that are already shoving them into hardship and desperation.

     Julian Simon, who died in 1998, is best remembered now for a bet he made in 1980 with biologist Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb. The bet was supposed to determine whether the converging difficulties of our time should be taken seriously. The two men picked a menu of commodity metals and bet whether the price would rise or fall by 1990. Ehrlich bet that scarcity would drive the price up; Simon bet that they would go down. Simon won the bet only for temporary circumstantial reasons, namely that the last great discoveries of cheap, easy-to-get oil ramped into full production by the mid-1980s and pushed a final orgy of global industrial development until 2008, when things really started falling apart. By then, Julian Simon has been dead for a decade.

     Simon’s idea lives on in the wishful thinking around shale oil and gas, which have led the American public and their leaders to believe that we’re in an “energy renaissance” that will lead to “energy independence.” Just the other day, Senator John McCain made the inexcusably dumb remark that the US is now a net oil exporter. This is a man who ran for president five years ago, talking completely out of his ass.

     Now oil is well over $100 a barrel, a price that the American economy, as currently configured, cannot endure. That price is crushing the kind of activity we have depended on lately: the house-building and lending rackets associated with the creation of suburban sprawl. $100 oil is especially corrosive to the problems of capital formation, because without more racket-driven “growth,” we can neither generate new credit, nor pay the interest on old credit. We’ve used accounting fraud in banking and government to cover up this failed equation. But it has only led to greater deformities in markets and a general fiasco in the management of money all around the world, and it is spinning out of control right now. If these conditions were to crash the global economy and the price of everything fell in a deflationary depression, with oil back under $60 a barrel  — then it would not pay enough to frack the shale rock, or drill miles under the ocean, or do any of the very expensive operations of what’s called unconventional oil recovery.

     For The New York Times to keep hauling out the sorry-ass figure of Julian Simon to “prove” a specious and dangerous point surely shows the limits of one thing: intelligence in the media. Because of that and other related failures in the transmission of ideas, this is now a nation that cannot construct a coherent narrative about what is happening to it.

     Now, second: Syria. The world has pretty much lined up against President Obama’s proposal to issue a cruise missile spanking to Syria for supposedly gassing its own citizens. Nobody thinks this is a good idea, some for reasons of tactical advantage and some on the idea’s basic merit, or lack of. Mr. Obama pulled his punch over a week ago by standing down and taking the issue to congress for approval. I’m convinced he did that because he would have been impeached for launching an overt act of war — despite similar actions by his recent predecessors. The proposed spanking was a bad idea from the start. There was no visible threat to the national interest from Syria’s bad behavior within its own borders. The gas attack was a terrible act of depravity, but firing missiles into Syria wasn’t going to bring back the dead. It was only going to cause more death. There’s no advantage to the US for supporting either side in the Syrian civil war. The spread or deepening of any kind of disorder in that region will threaten a critical portion of America’s oil imports.

     In the background of this, things are becoming unstuck in the seriously ill and constipated realm of international banking. The aforementioned deformities caused by central bank interventions, market manipulations, Too Big To Fail carry-trade rackets, and misreporting of financial data have begun to shred currencies in nations at the margin (India, Brazil, Indonesia) and that illness may prove contagious. The global economy depends on some basic faith that major financial institutions are sound, and that they trade in sound instruments that represent real wealth. That is all being called into question now, and how long will it be before a general paralysis freezes the entire letters-of-credit system that underlies global  commerce?

     The Syria soap opera has also managed to upstage the imminent mud-wrestling match between congress and the executive branch over the national debt limit and related matters of government spending. These problems appear for now to be completely intractable.  If the government overcomes the latest version of this recurring dilemma, it will only be due to generating even more layers of accounting fraud to an already well-papered piñata that is just waiting to be smashed. While this goes on, the American public gets pushed deeper and deeper into a financial abyss, haunted by re-po men, lying bank officers, verminous lawyers, and chiseling hospital administrators.

      All this is a recipe for a political explosion. What happens if the US Government starts gassing its own citizens? It happened in 1967. That one only made people cry. Maybe next time, they’ll use a different kind of gas.

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James Howard Kunstler has worked as a reporter and feature writer for a number of newspapers, and finally as a staff writer for Rolling Stone Magazine. In 1975, he dropped out to write books on a full-time basis. His nonfiction book, "The Long Emergency," describes the changes that American society faces in the 21st century. Discerning an imminent future of protracted socioeconomic crisis, Kunstler foresees the progressive dilapidation of subdivisions and strip malls, the depopulation of the American Southwest, and, amid a world at war over oil, military invasions of the West Coast; when the convulsion subsides, Americans will live in smaller places and eat locally grown food.
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It would appear that i was mistaken as to the meaning of the red lettered advisory no longer appearing in my comment box. My previous comment took the same 10 minutes to appear here (no big deal) and never showed up in the Latest Comments section on the main page (my chief complaint). As it took many hours before it received an arrow, i became convinced that my comment was being blocked from everyone else and that only i could see it. And so i reopened the page maybe 6 hours later and saw that it now had its usual crop of down arrows. i also noted that though i had only given an arrow to one of the posts on this page (a down arrow for Jim's original post), i no longer could vote for quite a few of the posts here.

So then, i have no idea what the moderators are trying to accomplish with their gamesmanship. Whatever it is, i am not playing. They will have to let me know in writing that my posts will appear in the Latest Comments box of the main page before i post again. Until then, should it ever happen, this is me signing off.
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What a fun discussion. This has to be one of the best threads in a while. Especially the way the moderators signed off their post. "The Dim Wits" Good stuff! lmao
Rate :   7  0Rating :   7
i see by the fact that the red lettered advisory in my comment window no longer is present, the moderators have reconsidered their decision and are now willing to accept my contributions on my terms.

To my detractors, let me say that what you find so objectionable with some of my pieces is no different than some of the salty language JHK uses and my put-downs are very much the same as those employed by Jim Willie. If you have no trouble with how they present themselves, you should have no problem with me either. However, should you find that you are not able to put aside your distaste for how i conduct myself, let me urge you in the strongest possible way to not read my comments. Ignore me. You will be happier for doing so. i know that for the 4 of you (and you know who you are) whose comments i do not read, i am happier each time i see one and ignore it. Some people are just not worth bothering with and for you, i may well be that person.

Jim, let me express my thanks for your written support. It was good of you and may have been helpful in swaying the moderators to see reason.
Rate :   1  9Rating :   -8
The other day i wrote to the dim wits who run this site about their comment policy. Naturally, they ignored me. And so i would like to ask those of you who post comments that i bother to read whether you have noticed the same things that i have. My comment area now comes with an advisory in red, located at the bottom right hand corner stating "Your commentary will be posted in 10 minutes." The advisory has been there for about 3 weeks. Does your comment box now come with the same warning?

As well, since this advisory started to appear, not even a single one of my comments has been listed in the Latest Comments section on the main page. Obviously this has not been happening to all of you, but i would like to know if anyone else has been singled out in this way.

i find the practice to be rather troubling in that it amounts to discrimination. While not as bad as the Nazi book burning, this would certainly seem to be an attempt to keep certain views from reaching a broader audience. i had not really thought of it in that way until Sunday. That is when i posted a rather lengthy critique of Jim Willie's latest article, designed to promote a discussion. No discussion ensued. True, that could be because no one had any sort of response to make. But it also could be due to the possibility that nobody was aware that my post existed.

"I hate the man who runs this bar." --Eugene Chadbourne

Rate :   3  8Rating :   -5
Its all because of what we've been trying to tell you all along, your arrogance, foul mouth, and utter distain for others will and has got you snubbed. I for one cheer the admins on for this service to all of humanity. Did you really think that you could run roughshod on people posting here forever?
Rate :   11  3Rating :   8
I love it....
Rate :   3  2Rating :   1
Moderator.   9/10/2013 at 8:41 PM GMT

Dear Sir,

Please be so kind as to read the text in the box (?) next to your average note. It reads :

"Average grade below 50 is highly correlated to trolling. It may imply limitations in the use of the commentary tools. "

With our best regards
The Dim Wits
Dear Dim Wits,

Thank you for coming out of the shadows at long last. Your reply is appreciated. It would not have been necessary had clicking on the question mark symbol in the indicated space actually worked, but it never has and still does not. Well, that is only partially true. As my average grade has been below the magic mark of 50 for a very long time, i would still have been left to wonder why you have taken this action at this time and not 2 years ago. Now that you have emerged from the shadows, perhaps you could explain why it has taken you so long to act.

Before examining the merits of your claim, let me first cite what defines as trolling:

" Internet trolls seek to be disruptive and hurtful by using any of the following techniques:
1.Trolls will post abusive and hurtful comments directed at a specific person (aka "flaming" another person)
2.Trolls will incite broad arguments and provoke angry responses by making controversial statements. (e.g. racism, religious
intolerance, bigoted or elitist views, mysogyny, extreme political views)
3.Trolls will narcissistically dominate conversations, trying to make themselves the center of attention. (e.g. nonstop comments
about themselves and their accomplishments; repeated self-centered statements and bragging)
4.Trolls will start many off-topic threads, seeking to derail users from the focus of an online community."

With regard to #1, yes, that is me. i do not suffer fools easily and will make no apology for that. Morons like Ranting Andy deserve what they get. The man makes so many factual errors, it is a wonder he has not been fired by Miles Franklin. It is not wrong that i point out just what a dolt he is by enumerating said errors (such as his claim that Obama would not be attending the G 20 meeting just held, or his boastful claim about gold price manipulation based upon charts that showed the opposite of what he claimed.) You may wish to argue that it is fair enough to point out the factual errors, but that i should not call him an idiot. i would not disagree with your point of view. But i have always believed in calling a spade a spade and when someone puts themselves out there as an authority, yet does not know the facts, makes up their own meaning for words, cannot do simple math and/or has no understanding of logic, they richly deserve whatever they get from me....With someone like Hart, who has made it his mission in life to attack Jim and anyone who might agree with him, like Freedom Fest, i have on occasion given him a taste of his own medicine and do not feel bad about that whatsoever. He too has been richly deserving of whatever he got from me.... If i have any regrets in regard to the harshness of my responses to fellow commenters, it would be my response to Tom B. It was his first time posting and as his only point was to continue the loathsome practice of labelling Jim as being a psychiatric patient who had either neglected to take his meds or had missed his electro-convulsive treatment, i laced into him. i did not feel bad about it at the time, but came to feel that way when in subsequent posts, Tom showed himself to be a thoughtful individual with some very good points to make. i have consoled myself--perhaps delusionally so--by telling myself that perhaps it was my over-the-top approach that got Tom to change his ways. If you are reading Tom, i do apologize.

Concerning #2, that is not me. You may wish to argue that i have shown myself to be religiously intolerant, but you would be mistaken. i have been intolerant of others who have shown their own religious intolerance by making claims supporting their belief that Jesus was coming to wipe out anyone who did not believe what they did. It has never been a subject that i have initiated and one that i have repeatedly claimed has no business being represented in this forum. In this respect i have gone so far as to state that a discussion of what the bible has to say about capitalism would be perfectly fine, but discussions about the existence of god, the merits of creationism or whose god is better have no place here.

Turning now to #3, this too is obviously not me. Yes, i have said the odd thing about myself, but who hasn't? i do not go on about myself. i deal with facts pertaining to the precious metals. And while i could brag, being the only person on this forum to ever make an accurate prediction concerning the price of gold in a given time frame, that fact has been mentioned all of one time and that time only because OTE brought the matter up in one of his posts.

With respect to #4, quite obviously does this not apply to me. i am never the one to initiate conversations about the American civil war, creationism or various long dead composers. i am the one who has consistently argued that such topics have no place here. Oh, wait a second. Number 4 describes you. Let me quote for your benefit what this site is supposed to be about: ", dedicated to precious metals, energy and natural resources presents the current events of these sectors through various resources such as a press review, articles and editorials, resource sector news and press releases and intraday and historical charts." You are the one who has attempted to derail your own mission statement. i am the one who has tried to stop you in your troll tracks. And not without some measure of success, for my complaints have led to an end to the articles on dead composers and those of DiLorenzo on the American civil war. You should be thanking me for reminding you of what this site is supposed to be about. But i can live without it all the same, thank you very much.

So there you have it. i am a self-confessed troll because i will not shy away from labeling some dip-shit moron like Iesos or Ranting Andy as precisely the thing they are. i make my case based upon factual evidence, not some personal animus. Both may be lovely individuals when not presenting their views here. i neither know nor care to know....Let me add that i do not shy away from complimenting someone such as Steve Saville or Gary Dorsch on their fine work, or OTE for a particularly perceptive comment; a decidedly untrolllike thing to do.

That being said, your magic number of 50 is not only arbitrary, but arbitrarily applied. It does not take into account the fact that some of the worst trolls (Iesos, who while i was reading her comments, had only ever flamed others) have a rating in excess of your magic number. Nor does it explain why it has taken you all this time to react to my low rating. We are not in high school and this is not a popularity contest and as i have previously stated, i would far sooner have someone tell me that i am a dolt, explaining their reasoning for doing so, than receive umpteen up arrows. If having a favourable rating is what this is about, i can easily do what certain others have and create multiple accounts for myself and give myself up arrows endlessly. That would be exceptionally foolish and a complete waste of my time.

So there you have it. i am a person who wants to stay on topic and i am a stickler for the facts and figures. If those qualities do not offset my absolute unwillingness not to call a spade a spade, explaining my reasoning for doing so, just say so and i will react accordingly. i would suggest you discuss this amongst yourselves before coming to a decision, for quite obviously you do not always agree upon certain things (one of you will delete a post and another one of you will put the post back up). Make your decision and let me know what it is.



Rate :   2  10Rating :   -8
Well now, haven't you come out of the closet in a big way. You really believe all the crap you posted about yourself don't you? Your arrogance is astounding. You actually can't see the forest that is your ignorance for the stupidity you believe are the benefits you bring here. You’re a jackass through and through. You, a self-professed nobody, that’s right I read through many of you previous posts, think you can chastise the owners/moderators of this site? Who the hell do you think you are? Never mind, we all know you think your some sort of god. Well you’re not, your nothing more than a puffed up arrogant moron. You spend far more time calling people names and suggesting they eat Preparation H than you do presenting any form of civil discourse. Where did you get it in your head that you have the right to call anyone names? The authors here are actually performing a service, whether you agree with them or not. Don’t like what they have to say then to bad. There are many that frequent these forums that don’t agree with all posts but when do you see them calling authors names? Look at yourself, your no better or different than Jim C, the way he goes after JHK. Any positive posts you may have made are well exceeded by your ignorant rants.

Were you angling for a job at 24hgold with all that crap or expecting us unwashed masses to just accept you as you are?. You spent who knows how long coming up with that diatribe in the hopes of what, we should all forgive you for being a jackass? Well it didn't work bucko. You don't own nor run this site, in your mind you may be some sort of a moderator but given your past performances you don't have the skills required for the job. What’s really surprising is that the moderators of this site have allowed you to carry on for as long as they have. Even after you attack them on several occasions they still allow you to remain. I will suggest to you this, they allow you to remain because you can’t stop making an ass of yourself, which amuses the rest of us, and this is worth the bitching you do.

Go crawl back into whatever putrid hole you slithered out of and stomp your little zombie feet, throw whatever tantrums you want and then when you grow up maybe people will actually converse with you. Otherwise you’ll never amount to anything more than a delusional useless twat.

One more thing, you are totally useless at deducing who or what people are. You suggest I'm a she, why because I have a picture of the hag Hilary in one of her more memorable ugly faces for an avatar? I am not female. Your powers of deduction are pathetic!
Rate :   9  2Rating :   7

If you would take the time please scroll down and check out the individual who calls himself or herself IESOS. He or she has a rating of 73 and yet consistently engages in personal attacks. The following is an example, directed at VOX, of his or hers intellect.

"Go crawl back into whatever putrid hole you slithered out of and stomp your little zombie feet..."

Check his or hers past posts and you will see this is not an isolated event. Yet IESOS is not the worst offender.

Many other individuals, usually those attacking VOX, have similar 'intellects.' Regarding your 50 or lower trolling correlation: it may very well do that, it may also indicate, simply, that some of your readers chose to oppose the controversial opinions of some of the articles you chose to post on your site on a regular basis. In my opinion VOX is one of those commentators. He only responds with insult -- if you had taken the time to notice -- when insult is given. Again, a low average may indicate trolling -- but in VOX's case it certainly does not.

As well, the average rating of anyone is based on 'down' arrows. That number is flawed: in the recent past anyone one person could add as many down arrows as they wished -- and they did just that to anything they disagreed with. The ballot box was stuff, so to speak. I am aware that ability has changed, but the current averages of anyone do not correlate to a general site opinion.

Finally, a zero policy of personal insult should have been and should be your goal.

Should you lose individuals like VOX with unique points of view you'll will end with those who spew nothing more than that which reflects herd mentality.
Rate :   8  3Rating :   5
Jim, has anyone used language towards Vox that is worse than that which he has used against others? If you look back through all of the many posts where I and others have commented on him you'll see that no one has treated him as bad as he has treated others. Sure we heap abuse on him, is it deserved? If we were to use his crass manner as a reference point then yes, what he gets is deserved. Think of all the comments by OTE. Point out one to me where he takes an abusive approach with any commenter. Does he make valid points, yes, and he has very eloquently informed the readers that he believes the commenter to be, let’s say backwards. So why does Vox feel it's his right to abuse people the way he does? Can he use the excuse that when he thinks someone, based solely on his opinion, is a moron to go ahead and call them that plus make mention of eating Perpetration H (yes I read those comment s as well). In all seriousness Jim, ask yourself this, is the abuse Vox dishes out justified? It's lame to claim that just because JHK uses foul language he somehow can now crawl down to that level as well. You’ll notice that I don’t generally comment on articles, I comment on those making comments. Yes you and I have had exchanges and you know why, have I ever used the language he uses against you. I have gone after Vox for his foul, insulting, derogatory, and twisted comments. Why should he be able to carry on the way he does without someone challenging him on it? You'll read how he states he doesn't care what others say about him and then later he's whining about getting abused, usually to the admins. Go back and read some of the filth he has posted and ask yourself if that’s the kind of thing that a grown man/woman without some form of illness would say, especially one who thinks of himself as an intellectual. When he stay's on course with being a grown up showing signs of an education and some manners have I gone after him?

What ever happened to rising above those who would lower the IQ level?
Rate :   9  1Rating :   8
Moderator.   9/14/2013 at 8:44 AM GMT

Dear Sir,

We agree, correlation is not causation, so the ratings are only one component of our moderation Policy.

Our Policy is to promote free speech and debate, but we have to admit having little taste for repetitive ad hominem attacks.

Best regards
Well Vox, did you ever read, can you read, what it says in the box?

You've been OWNED!

The Dim Wits, ouh I love these admins.

Rate :   7  2Rating :   5
Vox in da penalty box for 10 minutes, bad behavior. To bad he didn't get a suspension or even kicked out of the league.

True that part about him being a troll.
Rate :   7  2Rating :   5
Kunstler condemns the government and others for believing America can ever be oil independent. The fact is that Obama, the man Kunstler has acknowledged he voted for, has done his best to stop any drilling on public land; has stopped the construction of pipelines and blocked oil drilling even in the relatively shallow areas of the gulf.

That America has produced and is exporting oil despite Obama's and the Environmentalist's roadblocks is astonishing.

Drill, baby, drill.

Rate :   11  5Rating :   6
Drill, baby, drill is the mantra of the intellectually destitute. It is a position which fails to recognize that actions have consequences, often of the unintended variety. In this particular case, the unintended consequences of fracking would seem to be earthquakes. Take the case of Youngstown, Ohio for example. Before 2011, there had never been a recorded earthquake in the area. Fracking operations got underway there in Dec. of 2010. One year later, there had been 109 earthquakes. You can view an article on this at The same sort of thing has also been happening in Texas and Oklahoma. And none of this speaks to the very real possibility that fracking can lead to the poisoning of aquifers. But who really needs to drink water anyway? Only those idiot environmentalists believe water is necessary for human life.
Rate :   6  8Rating :   -2
Do I feel sorry that I voted you up in the past... ? of course !
I will be marked my whole life.
Rate :   7  2Rating :   5
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