Germany's Stolen Gold Reserves - Times are changing - the debts remain (Russian)

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From the Archives : Originally published September 12th, 2012
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Is the US Fed keeping double bookkeeper entries - adding Germany's plus other governments' gold included in the US claimed reserves of 8,100+ tons? Show me they aren't.

STERN REMINDER: It's not ownership that counts - - it's always who has CONTROL! Be reminded of this truism when it comes to your own personal bank deposits and "safe" deposit boxes.

Translated from Russian, Mar. 17th, 2012 at 2:47 PM

"I did not forget about the debt, I just forget to give them." Yanina Ipohorskaya
When finances sing romances begin overtures. The Germans and the Swiss believed their gold.

German paper "Bild» ( March 6, published an article by Ralph Schuler "3401 tons of gold" . Yes, even with a photograph: "Snapshot near the gold reserves of the German people in New York."

The author reports from New York that "the most precious treasure", which is owned by the Germans, it is 3401 tons of pure gold, equivalent to "about 1800 euros for each." R. Schuler exclaims: "This is a completely crisis-free, distributed by safes high reliability in Frankfurt, Paris, London and New York! And the Bundesbank does not care about that! "

"Incredible gold scandal" - again exclaims correspondent. He notices that «Bundesbank recently in 2007 took one look at our gold reserves in New York City and along with it even bothered Federal Court of Audit (check time)."

According to Professor Jörg Betge, whose words are quoted by R. Schuler, is a clear violation of the "test counts bars should be inspected at least once every 3 years." But that the Bundesbank did.

Further, the article states that the annual balance sheet of the Bundesbank's gold reserves (current the cost - about 147 billion) represent a very large proportion - over 17%. R. Schuler asks whether the error in the Bundesbank balance sheets in recent years?

Ralph Schuler writes: "Alarmed message« Bild », member of the Bundestag and the CDU foreign policy expert Philip Missfelder wished precisely to learn it." Referring to the article "Bild", an MP asked the Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann "list of the gold bars.

Missfelder said "Bild": "I was shocked. First they said that there is no list. Then there were the secret lists. Then they told me that my questions threaten the trust between the Bundesbank and the Federal Reserve. " (By the way, Mr. Weidmann, it seems, did not worry about the German gold. His words led the American newspaper "New York Times" on March 13: "The German economy is in surprisingly good shape." Author - Jack Ewing).

When the Bundesbank learned about the search for "Bild" German gold, "Head of Public Relations Michael Best even tried to prevent the visiting deputy and a report in the" Bild "..."

"As the Bundesbank wants to hide?" - Asks himself R. Schuler.

However, the "Bild" in the face of Ralph Schuler (the company he was Missfelder) but managed to visit in Manhattan - at the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States. Schuler down deep, down to the fifth floor, the level of "E". "Clean floors, buzzing ventilation, huge steel doors. I - 7000 tons of gold! "

Stubborn German reporter asks, "But where German gold?"

And Jack Gatt, a representative of the Vice-President of the Federal Reserve, said that the German gold "in some of these 122 steel barred offices. More I can not say. "

R. Schuler notes that seen after the German bars in "Bild" has no chance.

Jack Gatt, however, says the correspondent, "There are lists of all the bars. Each ingot has a number stamped to the purity of gold and printing. "

But the journalist knows that the German gold reserve should be calculated according to the law. And he echoed Bundestag Philip Missfelder, I suspect that in the balance of the Bundesbank something fishy,
​​"This is a case to Parliament." Missfelder requires a precise inventory of gold reserves of Germany.

The article ends on this, but the thing with gold reserves of Germany went on.

The site the next day, March 7, contained an article "Germany: a review of the gold reserves of the Bundesbank, Frankfurt, Paris, London and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York" .

Among other things, the article is the fact that German legislators should consider the "control gold reserves of Germany. The Parliamentary Committee on the budget estimate, as the central bank manages its inventory of gold bullion Germany, which is believed to be stored in Frankfurt, Paris, London and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, according to the materials of the German newspaper «Bild».

Here is a photograph of the "Bild": Schuler and Missfelder front of Manhattan.

It is further stated: "The German Audit Office criticized the Bundesbank weak audit and control over the relatively large gold reserves of Germany - 3,396.3 tons of gold, or about 73.7% of national foreign exchange reserves of Germany."

The following paragraph: "This caused nervousness among the German public, German politicians and in the Bundesbank - about the huge risks in the balance sheet of the central bank of Germany, which led some people in Germany to speak about the problems of the location and the exact number of German gold reserves."

Questions of the public due to the fact, the article notes that the system of the Central Bank Eurozone disbalansirovalas as a result of the volume of assets on the balance of the ECB last week reached 3.02 trillion. euros (3.96 trillion. dollars), "at 31% of GDP in Germany ..." "Record" is associated with the issuance of the second part of a three-year loans to banks in Europe.

This is why in Europe and worried: has been suggested on the decay of the Eurozone. The "loss of the Bundesbank could reach half a trillion euros - more than half the size of the annual budget of Germany."

In such a grim scenario - the collapse of the European Union - "gold reserves would be needed to maintain the currency of Germany - whether it be the new euro, or it will return to doychmarke."

"German lawmakers - said in the article - following in the footsteps of the candidate in American presidential Ron Paul, who has long called for the audit U.S. gold reserves.

It is believed that about 60% of the German gold stored outside of Germany, and the best part - the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. "

The paper proposes a scenario for the Germans: "Germany and other central banks may follow Hugo Chavez and repatriate their gold to Germany to directly own it and to own gold reserves to better preparedness system or cash crisis."

Other central banks, you say?

As noted by resource, «Germany is not alone." In the article "Switzerland wants to get their gold back from the Fed," it is reported that recently, four members of the Swiss Parliament have put forward the so-called "Golden initiative." Originator of the "Initiative" in English, French and Italian can be found at (in the upper right corner, under reference: FR, IT, EN; format. pdf). In the original language, ie German, - here: tive / wortlaut-der-Initiative / index.html .

"Golden Initiative" is simple. It has only three items:

1) gold reserves Swiss National Bank are not sold;

2) The gold reserves of Swiss National Bank should be kept in Switzerland;

3) Swiss National Bank should keep their assets in much of the gold. The proportion of gold should be over 20%.

And here are some quotes from the other pages of a href = " iative / index.html ">" Golden Initiative »: </ a>

"Do you know that the national bank for 5 years selling daily average of 1 ton of gold? The fact that more than half of the national heritage of the gold, and it is 1550 tons, was sold at the lowest prices? The fact that the person in charge of the Federal Council on the issue, which houses the national gold, said in Parliament: "Where are the gold bars are now, I am sorry, just can not tell you, because I do not know, should know and I do not want to know that. "

"Up until the nineties, there was nothing in the world more secure than the Swiss National Bank. Under domestic and especially foreign pressure (from the U.S.), the National Bank has announced most of its reserves "excessive" -
​​and sold from 2001 to 2006. by negligible price 1300 tons. Later - another 250 tons to buy foreign currency. This quickly sold gold would now equivalent to the sum of about 75 billion francs. "

Further notes that the Swiss National Bank there are only 1040 tonnes. Swiss fear that this and the rest is not lost, however, and put forward the "Golden initiative."

"Gold stocks belong to the people" - say the authors.


Thus, there is an emerging European initiative for the return of gold reserves in their historic homeland. Called "Gold Rush" is not only the fact that central banks may take wrong decisions, to receive a fair public criticism, but also to those (in the case of the German gold) that it can not find - neither the Bundesbank nor the U.S. Federal Reserve.




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Germany's gold is just as safe and secure as its Target2 account holding over 460 Milliarde* Euros.
Is that 460 Milliarde Euros just a computer entry and no physical monies exist?

But like many accounts, there are substantial penalties for early withdrawal.
The banks decide what is early and what are the penalties.
The banks decides force majeure.
Surely no one would suggest converting deposits to bank shares would they?
And last I heard, the USA official gold price is $42.22 per ozt.
$42.22 buys a lot fewer bank shares than the $1200 and change spot price.

Please notice the phrase is, "He who holds the gold ...," not "He who owns the gold...,".

*Milliarde - 1,000,000,000
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Germany's gold is just as safe and secure as its Target2 account holding over 460 Milliarde* Euros. Is that 460 Milliarde Euros just a computer entry and no physical monies exist? But like many accounts, there are substantial penalties for early withdra  Read more
overtheedge - 9/19/2014 at 6:01 PM GMT
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