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Go Go Godzilla - Metals Options Expiration Monday

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Published : June 25th, 2022
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""Psychopaths often come across as arrogant, shameless braggarts—self-assured, opinionated, domineering, and cocky.  They love to have power and control over others and seem unable to believe that other people have valid opinions different from theirs.  What makes psychopaths different from all others is the remarkable ease with which they lie, the pervasiveness of their deception, and the callousness with which they carry it out.

Wherever you find money, prestige and power you will find them.   We are far more likely to lose our life savings to an oily-tongued swindler than our lives to a steely-eyed killer."

Robert D. Hare, Without Conscience

"Maintaining silence about a dirty truth is another way of lying, a common practice in high places."

Michael Parenti

"The market ideology is now the new form of imperial power and many of us, without any critical reflection, have signed onto that and organized our lives in that way so we do not have any time, energy or capacity for the things that are rightly important to us."

Walter Brueggemann

Fear can turn to greed in a second, and concerns just melt away n the passion to gamble and not miss out.

The markets *finally* got together and gave us an impressive bear market rally that they were able to take out near the highs.

If all goes well this weekend then we *might* be able to see them extend the gains next week.

All bully has to do is take out that second high on the charts.  

And as you might expect the risk averse plays retreated somewhat, such as the Dollar, gold and silver.  

Gold and silver took a sharp hit this morning, no doubt with a nod to their Comex option expiration on Monday.

And the meme today was wow, look at that Consumer sentiment number and its implications for inflation expectations.

And besides, the recession is already here and its not so bad, right?   

Why, it's practically over already.

Don't ask why, time to buy.

I seem to recall that they said the same thing a couple of weeks ago.  

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Earnings season dead ahead.

Have a pleasant weekend.

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