Gold / Silver Will Be Moving Higher Later This Year in 2020: Max Porterfield

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Published : January 16th, 2020
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It has been a real pleasure speaking with the mining executives that I have spoken with over the past four years. It has truly broaden my horizon and allowed a look into a market that it not real visible outside of trade shows, conferences and investor calls. What we have learned over this time is the mining industry has some remarkable people that are able to flush-out minerals that are buried far beneath earths’ surface and do it for a profit while satisfying a never ending need.

I had the honor and privilege to get an update on a project we originally discussed more than 3 years ago. Max Porterfield, President and CEO of Callinex Mines. This is first update on a project that I feel strongly about. The company seems to be well positioned for a take over as they have a wide variety of minerals they are mining.

Callinex has been mining base metals, like zinc and copper with some gold and silver coming in being picked up along the way. It seems that since we last spoke the precious metals are a larger part of their operation which should attract a great deal of attention from the mining companies who’s business model has morphed into M&A instead of R&D.

As the Belt and Road Initiative continues to grow the base metals will be needed to feed this monster. Max also believes, as do we at The Daily Coin, that over the coming decade we are going to see a renewed focus on infrastructure in Western developed nations. Once this begins happening the need for commodities, which are generated by mining, is going to grow exponential. The infrastructure of the U.S. is crumbling and it is simply a matter of time before the wheels come completely off the train.

As for the precious metals we believe, as does Mr. Porterfield, that gold and silver will have a spectacular year in 2020 and we will see this trend continue over the next several years. What began in 2018 is just now beginning to breach the surface and by years end people will see gold and silver in a way they never have before.

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