Gold and Silver Are “Safe Haven Money” and Have Never Failed Throughout History – Silver Guru

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Published : August 01st, 2019
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– “I feel called to this … I feel it is my duty to educate as many people as possible”

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– The Fed is engaged in “extend and pretend” but we are in the “end game”

– U.S. bonds are no longer safe due to negative yields and the risk of massive currency depreciation

– The gold silver ratio is headed “much much lower” – likely back to 30:1

– Only some $16 billion worth of above ground investment grade silver

– A small amount of diversification by retail, HNW, UHNW and institutional investors will propel undervalued silver much higher

– Is silver bullion being acquired by JP Morgan and interests in China, India and elsewhere?

– Did Warren Buffet’s silver acquisition in 1998 ultimately become the initial holdings in the silver ETF?

– Own precious metals for insurance and gains but do not over allocate

– Increase allocations now that prices remain low and decrease allocations when prices increase significantly

– Always keeping a core bullion coin and bar holding as life insurance

– Buy from a reputable gold and silver dealer and it makes sense for investors to own some precious metals in safe vaults internationally

– Is your gold and silver bullion S.A.F.E.? See video below

Listen to interview here


Gold futures finish with a loss after Fed cuts interest rate as expected

Gold falls as Fed rate outlook disappoints

Fed cuts rates, signals it may not need to do more

Wall Street unimpressed by Fed’s expected rate cut

Fed cuts interest rates by quarter-point and ends quantitative tightening early

The Economy Is Starting To Implode

Gold Prices via LBMA (AM/ PM Fix – USD, GBP & EUR)

31-Jul-19 1430.55 1427.55, 1175.48 1167.45 & 1283.20 1281.37
30-Jul-19 1428.45 1425.90, 1173.47 1171.95 & 1281.75 1279.60
29-Jul-19 1418.95 1419.05, 1150.91 1157.94 & 1275.78 1275.30
26-Jul-19 1418.25 1420.40, 1140.27 1144.70 & 1273.02 1275.95
25-Jul-19 1426.35 1416.10, 1143.08 1132.88 & 1281.86 1265.85
24-Jul-19 1425.55 1426.95, 1142.29 1142.70 & 1279.86 1279.69
23-Jul-19 1417.55 1425.55, 1140.42 1145.29 & 1268.14 1277.01
22-Jul-19 1424.45 1427.75, 1142.69 1143.63 & 1270.04 1272.13
19-Jul-19 1437.05 1439.70, 1148.06 1148.88 & 1278.11 1281.48

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