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From the Archives : Originally published January 01st, 2005
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Category : Gold University

AFRIKAANS                    : Silwer - Goud
ALBANIAN                      : Argjent - Ar
ARABIC                            : fiDDah (
فضة ) - dhahab (ذهب)
ARMENIAN                     : arcat'ya (Արծաթյա) - oski (Ոսկի)
BASQUE                           : Zilarra - Urrea
BOSNIAN                         : Srebro - Zlato
BULGARIAN                   : srebro (
Сребро) - zlato(Злато)
BYELORUSSIAN            : serabro (
Серабро) - zolata (Золата)
CATALAN                        : Argent - Or
CHINESE                          : yin2 / ngan4 (
) - jin1 / gam1 ()
CROATIAN                      : Srebro - Zlato
CZECH                               : Stříbro - Zlato
DANISH                            : Sølv - Guld
DUTCH                              : Zilver - Goud
ENGLISH                          : Silver - Gold
ESPERANTO                    : Argxento - Oro
ESTONIAN                       : Hõbe - Kuld
FARSI                                : noqre (
نقره) - talâ, zar (زر طلا)
FINNISH                           : Hopea - Kulta
FRENCH                            : Argent - Or
GALICIAN                        : Prata - Ouro
GEORGEAN                      : verc'xli
(ვერცხლი) - ok'ro (ოქრო)
GERMAN                           : Silber - Gold
GREEK                               : argyros (
Αργυρος) - chrysos (Χρυσος)
HEBREW                           : kesef (
בסף) - zahav (זהב)
HINDI                                : chā.ndī
- sonā, kañchana, suvarņa
HUNGARIAN                   : Ezüst - Arany
ICELANDIC                      : Silfur - Gull
IRISH GAELIC                 : Airgead - Ór
ITALIAN                           : Argento - Oro
JAPANESE                        : gin (
) -kin ()
KAMVIRI                          : âr'ü - s'un
KASHUBIAN                     : Strzébro - Złoto
KURDISH                           : Zîv, Sêm - Zêr, Zerrn,
LATVIAN                           : Sudrabs - Zelts
LITHUANIAN                   : Sidabras - Auksas
LUXEMBOURGIAN         : Sëlwer - Gold
MACEDONIAN                  : srebro (
Сребро) - zlato (Злато)
MALTESE                           : Fidda - Deheb
MAORI                                : Hiriwa - Koura
MOLDAVIAN                     : Argint - Aur
NORWEGIAN                     : Sølv - Gull
POLISH                               : Srebro - Złoto
PORTUGUESE                   : Prata - Ouro
QUECHA                             : Qullqi - Quri
ROMANIAN                       : Argint - Aur
RUSSIAN                            : serebro (
Серебро) - zoloto (Золото)
SAMI                                   : Silba Golli
SARIS                                  : Štribro - Zlato
SERBIAN                            : srebro (
Сребро) - zlato (Злато)
SLOVAKIAN                      : Striebro - Zlato
SLOVENIAN                      : Srebro - Zlato
SORBIAN                           : Slěbro - Złoto
SPANISH                           : Plata - Oro
SWAHILI                           : Silva, Fedha - Dhahabu
SWEDISH                           : Silver - Guld
TAGALOG                         : Pilak - (Ka)Bulawan
THAI                                   : ngeen (
เงิน) - thoongokham (ทองคำ)
TURKISH                           : Gümüş - Altın
UKRAINIAN                     : sriblo (
Срібло) - zoloto (Золото)
VIETNAMESE                  : Bac - Vàng
OF                              : Xaalis - Wurus
YIDDISH                            : Silber - Gold

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Perfect All My Clients can benefit from this! More help the better, free books and tips Talented writer everyday1person will wake up to make a difference Free Books and Tips Thanks.  Read more
ash - 2/17/2012 at 6:00 AM GMT
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Perfect All My Clients can benefit from this!
More help the better, free books and tips Talented writer everyday1person will wake up to make a difference Free Books and Tips Thanks.
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