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Gold and Silver Mugged On Dollar Rally

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Published : September 07th, 2021
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"Every century is like every other, and to those who live in it seems worse than all times before it.  The Church is ever ailing, and lingers on in weakness.  The cause of Christ is ever in its last agony, as though it were but a question of time whether it fails finally this day or another.

The Saints are ever all but failing from the earth, and Christ all but coming; and thus the Day of Judgment is literally ever at hand; and it is our duty ever to be looking out for it, not disappointed that we have so often said, 'now is the moment,' and that at the last, contrary to our expectation, truth has somewhat rallied."

John Henry Newman, Via Media

I am posting the charts early tonight and will skip the commentary, except to note the mugging of gold and silver this morning, the rise in the Dollar, on some perception about interest rates. 

Some of the miners took an extra hit over their exposure to the political unrest in Guinea.

Stocks were off but the big cap techs managed to keep on trucking. 

Today smells like teen spirit, and a technical trade after the shock Jobs Report.

I am going to see an oral surgeon (for the first time) and doubt I will feel like posting anything later. It's only one tooth that went bad under a crown but still...   Ugh.  

Have a pleasant evening.

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