Gold Climbs While Silver Is Stuck In The Barn

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Published : February 20th, 2020
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Category : Gold and Silver

Gold has been making some nice moves the past couple of days. Silver on the other hand is sluggish, climbing higher but it is a struggle. literally, for every penny of advancement.

As we recently pointed out in an interview, on a different channel, there was a truth bomb dropped that, to this day, no one has discussed, mentioned or even recognized the words were ever spoken. Silver is sitting in there in the basement when it should be racing higher, just like gold. Unfortunately, silver is chained to the floor and the master will only allow a handful of links to rise on any given day. You see, the master has the key and is now the owner. All by design and all perfectly legal.

If you have your ears-to-hear you should know exactly what I am talking about and should know exactly who spoke these very ominous words. I refuse to tell you and will not be giving out any more clues than have already been provided. This is not fun, nor is it some sort of game. You are intelligent person that has been following this market for some time, the same as the rest of us. Pay attention, retrace your footsteps and find the most important piece of information regarding silver since 2010.

If gold can stay above $1,605 and close the week closer to $1,610 then next week should be a lot of fun. Don’t get me wrong, this week is pretty stellar and watching the movement to the northside always makes for a great week. It doesn’t help when you want to add to your stack, but that’s alright, the newbies will continue to push it higher as they rush the gate to pick up their first piece of gold.

The flea market is this weekend and it will be interesting to see how the peeps are responding to the changes in the precious metals markets. I can’t wait to talk to the 4 or 5 coin dealers that show up each month and find out what is happening in their hometown shops. In the meantime, picking up another 1/4 AGE to place by bet on the 2020 mintage is always a fun day. I love the yellow metal and if there is the possibility of a built in premium going forward then I love it all the more. Got gold?

Here are the charts so we all know what’s happening today – these are static so we will have a permanent record. Charts courtesy of KitCo

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