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Gold Coins Versus Gold Charts

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Published : August 04th, 2020
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Category : Gold and Silver

Rigged, manipulated data hits another milestone?!?! hmmm…

When do we turn our backs on these rigged, manipulated markets? Probably about the same time we stop using google, youtube, faKebook and twitter? Yep, sounds about right.

We have shifted, which is why don’t report as much as before, from discussing the rigged, manipulated charts, like the one above, as we now do our level best to simply report on what is happening with the physical precious metals markets. We no longer find it productive, or honest, to spend our time reporting on a losing bet.

The reality of these rigged markets and the price suppression scheme is still not seen, still not reported and still not understood because the reality is still not seen, still not reported and still not understood because as some people report “fantastic COT” or “recored high contracts” then it morphs into a report about how it’s all rigged – which is it? Is the market rigged or are the reports accurate? They are not, nor will they ever be, both.

You see we no longer wish to use the language the criminals use. Why would we continue to use the same language the Federal Reserve and COMEX want people to use? This is important because it perpetuates the lies. If the words and the language, that are used is 100% wrong then it becomes impossible for a person to actually understand what’s happening. How would one ever know that a train is coming at them when they are continually told to look at the pretty light and the rainbow it creates?

When Currency Becomes Corrupt…

The Federal Reserve, in 1913, hijacked the word “dollar” and in 1934 the word “money” for a reason – the masses knew these words and understood completely their meaning. The Federal Reserve knew if they hijacked, bastardized, these words the people would be hoodwinked into believing the lies. Not only did it work like a charm then it continues to work to this day. As long as we continue carrying water for these criminals and helping to keep the people enslaved instead teaching them how to escape how will the cycle ever be broken? If your narrative is based on reports of a rigged, manipulated market in which these analyst discuss the movement on the chart as being real, having meaning and being honest, while at the same time knowing full well it is all a lie, well, what is the difference between known deep state operatives, CIA Mockingbird media participants and even the kingpin of the rigging, the COMEX and someone on youtube or a website?  “Houston, we have a problem.” Yes. Yes, we do.

For the third time in a week, gold futures have spiked above the Maginot Line of $2,000.

The record high gold futures price is $2009.50 from Sunday night…

The dollar is following the same path as yesterday with a big overnight spike and selloff during the US session… Source

Does this really mean anything when acquiring an ounce gold looks like the following:

JMBulloin 2020 1 ounce gold eagle – CC/PP – $2,207.95 at 9:54am CST
SDBullion 2020 1 ounce gold eagle – CC/PP – $2,217.64 at 9:55am CST
APMEX 2020 1 ounce gold eagle – CC/PP – $2,216.27 (on sale by 16%!!!!) at 9:56am CST

Looks like a fairly substantial difference in the rigged, manipulated chart and the reality of acquiring and holding physical precious metals.

Remember – if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

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