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Gold: Is It Time To Buy?

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Published : November 25th, 2020
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Category : Gold and Silver

Another awesome day is underway on the gold market gridlines… for eager accumulators of the world’s greatest asset!

The fabulous weekly gold chart.

The $1788 support zone is my focus for fresh buying.

Serious gold market accumulators should also take note of the $1740 Fibonacci retracement area and the $1671 lows.

Tactics? The XRP crypto coin chart.

The crypto assets often peak against US fiat in the December time frame, and precious metals often begin to rally at the same time.

The GOAU ETF chart.

I’m booking great profits on cryptos and using some of the proceeds for “nibbling” at gold, silver, and miners.

This is my recommended plan of action for most gold bugs around the world!

For the funds I manage, my current focus on the buy-side is the GOAU ETF.

Chinese New Year, US infrastructure welfare (called stimulus by the government), global debt growth that dwarfs GDP, and a possible war cycle…

These are all solid pillars for gold going into 2021.

The weekly T-bond chart. The technical action is clearly in sync with the weekly gold chart.

The support zone for T-bonds at 166 corresponds almost perfectly with the $1788 support zone for gold.

The FCG natural gas ETF chart.

There’s a beautiful bull wedge breakout in play and mainstream analysts believe that corona vaccine breakthroughs will power a strong global recovery.

That’s good news for natural gas!

Not all precious metal investors are comfortable buying price weakness in volatile mining stocks, but most of them like the oil and gas sector.

Investors can “energize” their portfolios for 2021 with a decent allocation to oil and gas.

Energy stocks are rallying now, but from a very low level. Momentum-oriented value investors should consider taking buy-side action right now and buy more on any pullbacks.

Diversification, sector rotation, and seasonality are important keys to building sustained wealth over the long-term. Each asset class has a time to soar and a time to swoon.

The SIL silver stocks ETF chart. Note the support zone defined by the May high at about $37.53.

Silver stocks look set to arrive at that marvelous buy zone at the same time as gold arrives at $1788.

What rhymes with $1788? Well, that would possibly be… buying key miners, and making 2021 great!

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