Gold Is Money and COMEX Is Failing

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Published : May 04th, 2020
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Category : Gold and Silver

If you’ve got gold, you’ve got money. If you don’t have gold you have a problem. ~Alasdair Macleod

When Alasdair Macleod originally spoke those words, several years ago, it blew my mind. It still blows my mind in it’s simplistic and precise use of language. Alasdair has been teaching us all about gold for a very long time. We all owe him a debt of gratitude that we will never be able to repay.

When most people think of gold they usually have no idea what gold is or it’s purpose. If people would simply spend a few minutes getting to know and have a rudimentary understanding of gold’s purpose – it’s not jewelry – their lives would change in ways that can not be measured nor defined. If enough people, say 5-6% of the global population, would spend a little time wrapping their head around these words and then begin moving some of their wealth into gold, as wealth preservation, within one year our world would transform into a far superior place than where we are today – far superior. Within five years we would live in a completely different world with a lot more freedom, much lower anxiety and prosperity as we had during the first half the 1800’s. Would we experience explosive prosperity instead of what we have today –  a consolidation of prosperity?

For those that are ready to save some of their wealth, bet against the privately owned central banks around the world, what Alasdair says below is a battle cry. Now is the time to prepare some funds for deployment and be watching for the carnage described below. The only question at this point is will the carnage Mr. Macleod’s describes have any meaningful impact on the price of gold in the physical gold market?

If there is a dip in the physical gold price that coincides with the massive dip Alasdair is predicting – highly unlikely at this point – then the gold community needs to be prepared to offload their funds to pick up any and all the remaining gold scraps available. My guess is, what’s available will not go down along with the COMEX / LBMA but, rather, in fact will rise, from the point it currently sits, in opposition of the COMEX / LBMA.

Gold is going north of $3,000 by fall and will not be looking back any time soon. As Jim Sinclair said so many years ago, there will days when it feels like your hair is on fire. Mr Gold (Sinclair) also said there would be days with $100-$200, maybe higher, swings in the price of gold. Are we entering that realm?

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