Gold Miners Waiting on This Chart

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Published : June 20th, 2019
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Category : Gold and Silver

 -Gary Tanashian

It’s not a chart of nominal HUI with upside technical targets. We’ll do that inNFTRHthis weekend, along with the usual individual miners. Rather, it’s a companion to other charts we’ve been reviewing over the last several months showing the under valuation of the gold stock sector relative to gold’s performance vs. cyclical assets/markets. For example, gold has risen strongly vs. the CRB index and that is asectorfundamental under valuation.

24hGold - Gold Miners Waiting ...

But on the macro picture, do you think that maybe gold stocks would benefit if gold manages to turn up vs. the US stock market? This chart appears to hold the key. HUI has been in a beautiful correlation to Gold/SPX since the 2011 top. To this point the ratio has not turned up but you can see why I harp so much on the need for Au/SPX to get in gear. If it does, and joins Au/CRB and others, hang on to your hats and prepare for some upside targeting beyond the bounces of the last few years.

24hGold - Gold Miners Waiting ...

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