Gold Price Snaps 3rd Longest Gains Since 1971 as Everything Else Rises with Bond Yields

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Published : March 31st, 2021
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GOLD PRICES headed for the first quarterly loss in 10 in London on Wednesday, losing 10.8% in Dollar terms by end-March from the end of December after industrial commodities, global stock markets, the US currency and long-term interest rates made a steep rise in 2021 so far.
Crude oil today edged back towards $60 per barrel but held on track for its third quarterly gain in a row after making its steepest fall on record during Q1 2020's Covid Crash, down over 66% for the quarter and turning negative at one point.
Despite slipping Wednesday, the MSCI World Index of developed-economy equities has now risen 4.3% from New Year's Eve, setting fresh all-time highs in mid-February.
The Dollar has meantime rallied 3.5% from end-December's near 3-year lows against the world's other major currencies.
Ten-year US Treasury yields today reached 1.72%, some 80 basis points above New Year's Eve to mark the 2nd steepest quarterly rise of the last decade in Washington's borrowing costs.
Gold's $200 price drop took it back down overnight to start-March's 9-month low of $1678 per ounce, snappinbg a run of 9 consecutive quarterly gains, the 3rd longest since the metal was unpegged from the Dollar 50 years ago this summer.
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Gold's No.1 consumer nation China today saw wholesale prices on the Shanghai Gold Exchange retreat to the lowest since March last year at ¥356 per gram.
That still put gold landed in China at a $6 per ounce premium to London – the metal's key trading and storage hub – offering a solid incentive to new imports after the record discounts of 2020's Covid Crisis showed a glut of supply over demand.
Allowing for India's heavy but reduced gold import duties, wholesale prices in the No.2 consumer nation have now shown a premium to London quotes every week this year according to data from Reuters.
Meantime in the stock market, London's largest IPO in 10 years today sank over 30% on its debut.
Shares in meal-ordering app Deliveroo (LON: ROO) fell to £2.71 from the £3.90 initial offer price – itself 15% below the company's upper target but valuing the business at £7.6 billion, the largest market-cap for a new London stock since commodity-trading house Glencore (LON: GLEN) floated in summer 2011.
Founded in 2013, and now billing itself as "the future of food", Deliveroo saw sales grow 64.3% in 2020 to £4.1bn with underlying losses down 29.5% for the year to £224m.
Some 70,000 private investors participated in the float, many invited by an email sent to their personal meal-ordering account claiming to be a "service" message.
Shares in Glencore – now rallying 140% above last March's Covid commodity crash – today traded at £2.86 per share, barely half their initial offer price of a decade ago.
The UK gold price in Pounds per ounce meantime flat-lined above £1220, a record high when first reached in August 2019 and 22.4% below last summer's new peak.
While the Bank of England's base rate remains at 0.10%, the yield on 10-year Gilts today held above 0.83% per annum, the highest such government borrowing cost for the UK government since New Year 2020 but a record low when first reached in the aftermath of 2016's Brexit referendum shock.
Euro gold prices also held flat today, trading below €1440 per ounce as Eurozone government bond yields edged back from their recent surge to multi-month highs.
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