Gold Rises / Falls / Rises Again – Silver Follows

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Published : September 12th, 2019
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Category : Gold and Silver

Gold and silver both moved higher all through the overnight sessions, then Mario Draghi woke up, had coffee and began speaking. The metals responded appropriately to a top banking cabal member speaking about moar easing, moar theft and moar, moar, moar.

Gold jumped up approximately $25 off the close from yesterday and silver, while it was slow on the uptake it managed to jump up approximately 0.37$ off the close from yesterday. Now that the pit is open and the daily trading has begun, well, that means down the metals shall come! The banking cabal can not allow the metals to be seen flying higher in the face of Draghi telling the world the ECB needs to steal more of the Europeans wealth. If the metals continue higher on an announcement like this, it’s a terrible look for their currency dreams of wealth transfer.

Charts courtesy of GoldPrice and SilverPrice.

It will be interesting to follow what happens over the next few hours. We should both metals snap back and continue their northern trek, unless, of course, the cabal is determined to stop good news flying around the world about the metals performance. Again, it would be in the banking cabal’s best interest to keep the metals quiet right now with Draghi, the ECB and Federal Reserve being such a magnet for the spotlight. The metals rat-them-out and that looks bad for the product in trade – Federal Reserve Notes and Euros.

Keep an eye how the day unfolds and be sure to check back as we most certainly will be watching this day unfolds. We have a several items that impact the metals today and we believe we are going to see a big, ugly monster come out of the closet that will take the “markets” by storm. We hope today, but if not, we feel confident before years end. Got physical, close at hand?

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