Gold Standard Cometh In This The Multi Polar, Asian Century (Part I) – Jim Willie Interview

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Published : June 27th, 2019
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Category : Market Analysis

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-The Global Monetary RESET will see the “Third World” dollar sharply devalued and paper wealth and assets including stocks and bonds lose significant value

– The ‘Gold Standard’ jigsaw: the global monetary pieces are falling into place as China quietly moves to re-establish some form of Gold Standard

– The legs of the Gold Standard stool are here – gold trade notes, gold panda bonds (Italy) and central banks are buying gold as Basle III makes gold a “risk free asset”

– Trump may have become compromised by the Neo-Conservatives and their crazy and expensive dreams of maintaining Empire and a ‘New American Century’

– United States is bankrupt (with $22 trillion US debt and over $100 trillion of unfunded government liabilities) and “living on a maxed out credit card,” therefore U.S. Treasuries are no longer a risk free asset

– Global Financial Crisis II is “going to be much, much bigger” … Prepare now

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LBMA Gold Prices (AM/ PM Fix – USD, GBP & EUR)

26-Jun-19 1406.75 1403.95, 1109.22 1106.73 & 1238.501236.32
25-Jun-19 1429.55 1431.40, 1120.62 1124.36 & 1255.72 1256.20
24-Jun-19 1405.45 1405.70, 1102.58 1105.30 & 1233.56 1235.05
21-Jun-19 1388.35 1397.15, 1095.96 1101.93 & 1228.55 1233.12
20-Jun-19 1381.65 1379.50, 1086.25 1087.74 & 1222.90 1221.27
19-Jun-19 1342.40 1344.05, 1066.67 1066.64 & 1198.36 1199.43
18-Jun-19 1344.55 1341.35, 1073.22 1070.67 & 1201.89 1198.09
17-Jun-19 1333.20 1341.30, 1059.49 1065.13 & 1188.81 1193.09

News and Commentary

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