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Gold to $3,000+ / Silver Triple Digit

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Published : October 08th, 2020
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Category : Gold and Silver

Perfect timing to visit with Mr. Garoflo with the Federal Reserve producing currency like Hollywood produces bad movies! With the economy, both national and global, coming under severe pressure, the Presidential election right around the corner and gold fundamentals actually making comeback, it seems like everyone is looking at gold and gold miners.

Let’s not forget they are looking at, and acquiring silver in the same manner as they are gold! Silver is just not as sexy so the talking heads on TV don’t discuss, investors like Warren Buffett don’t discuss it, but to be clear they are either acquiring or are paying very, very close attention to what silver is doing.

During the 37 minute interview we cover the following:
– Federal Reserve ZIRP and the impact on gold
– gold mining industry and what has happened with the mergers
– gold royalty and streaming
– gold and silver fundamentals coming back into play
– large institutional investors beginning to enter the market
– how and why to contact David Garoflo

Visit David Garoflo
Symbol GLDG on NYSE and GOLD on TSX

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Rory Hall, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Coin, has written over 700 articles and produced more than 200 videos about the precious metals market, economic and monetary policies as well as geopolitical events since 1987. His articles have been published by Zerohedge, SHTFPlan, Sprott Money, GoldSilver and Silver Doctors, SGTReport, just to name a few. Rory has contributed daily to SGTReport since 2012. He has interviewed experts such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Dr. Marc Faber, Eric Sprott, Gerald Celente and Peter Schiff, to name but a few.
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