Gold: Tool of Liberty and Freedom – Claudio Grass

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Published : October 18th, 2019
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Category : Gold and Silver

Gold has been money for thousands of years. It was recently brought back to central banks balance sheet in the form of making gold a Tier 1 asset, which makes gold, for all intents and purpose, money as it is now treated the same as bonds and currency. This is setting the table for more changes where gold is concerned.

I sat down with long time associate and great friend of Liberty and gold, Claudio Grass, to get his take on the state of the precious metals markets.

We began the conversation discussing a new product he is developing called RealUnit that is a unit of account (alternative currency) backed by gold. He never once referred to it as a cryptocurrency. It sounds like a digital currency but the structure of how it works is slightly different than most of the cryptocurrencies available today. The website is currently in German, and since I don’t read or speak German, I will have to wait for the American version to be released, which should be coming soon.

As anyone knows that follows the work we do here at The Daily Coin what is happening with gold and silver remain our primary focus. Liberty, which comes from God, stands on a golden foundation. Commerce, which societies and economies form around, is best served by through the use of silver and gold as currency. These can be used with a precious metals backed paper note, however, when you use the actual metal, well, the society functions at a higher level. The people live with a sense of freedom, which comes from man, and societies and communities tend be more respectful. Simply by using gold and silver as money and currency does not, of course, guarantee society will function at a higher level, but history sure supports the idea that it can and would happen.

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