Golden Moments With RockStar Alan Greenspan

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Published : November 09th, 2018
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Category : Gold and Silver

In October 2014 Alan Greenspan conducted an interview with Gillian Tett for the Council on Foreign Relations. After the interview ended Tett ask a couple more questions. This was intended to be off air, off record – it wasn’t.

As we reported at the time

Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve Chairman, had a lot to say about gold, and a little about silver, at the recent Council on Foreign Relations meeting. Greenspan is saying things that make you go hmmmmm and begin asking questions like why now, what’s happening in the background that is about to explode to the forefront. The US Mint is currently sold out of the premier silver coinage in the world, the American Silver Eagle, without warning and more importantly, abut when they will resume production. The price to acquire both gold and silver have been beat into submission, to price levels not seen in many years. How low will they go? Only the manipulators can answer that question. But while we wait it may do a person good to breathe in what Greenspan had to say about gold, silver and the Central Banks role regarding real, honest money. It is also interesting to note what he has to say about currencies, fiat currencies in particular.

The final 2 minutes has been republished by Rethinking the Dollar on YouTube. This must have inspired GoldTelegraph as later in the day they sent out a tweet of another Greenspan golden moment. Below are two of the most telling moments, in the last 30+ years, about gold that have been published by someone of authority. It is absolutely mind-blowing these two segments have not been scrubbed from the internet as these speak truth to power from the power source.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Maestro, Alan Greenspan


“If gold is a relic of history, why do Central Banks + the IMF still hold over $1T of gold? If it’s meaningless, why is everybody still holding it?”

– Alan

— Gold Telegraph (@GoldTelegraph_) November 6, 2018

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