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Here We Go Again…Bitcoin Was, Is and Always Will Be A Tool Created by the NSA and MIT

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Published : May 16th, 2019
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Category : Opinions and Analysis

As soon as bitcoin catches a little wind and makes a move upward all the cryptocurrency whores reemerge from their respective liars and off-to-the-races we go. So predictable that it’s almost laughable.

Beginning at the 10:30 mark, in a recently released video, the cat is let out of the bag regarding bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain – it is admitted to what I have been saying for at least two years – cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, are all controlled by the bankers and when you have a single trunk line of transactions, each transaction is connected one to the other, it makes a social credit system all the easier to enslave people as it can and will be used against you, period. Cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, are as evil as a Federal Reserve Notes, and maybe even more so, because “everybody on planet earth can see who used it and who transacted” – welcome to the show.

If you want to believe these instruments of evil, tools of the enemy, are something that will “save us from the bankers” or keep your wealth safe and secure, be our guest, just don’t expect us to have anything kind to say about any of this nonsensical lie that is being perpetrated by the same people that have sold you a great many bill of goods in the past. If you’re looking for your paddle you won’t find it, just plenty of creek to navigate.

The entire bitcoin “community” is nothing but a bunch of gamblers that know almost nothing about what they are dealing with – the bankers love this aspect of the “community”. It’s much easier to manipulate a person that is ignorant than an informed consumer. Once a person is knowledgable they can see a program that was built by the NSA, MIT and deployed on Halloween may not have been built for the benefit of humanity. But what do I know…oh…that’s right… I know this – gold and silver is money, off line and untraceable. Once it moves from my hand to yours for goods or services no one, and I mean no one, outside of the two people involved know anything about the transaction and as long as both parties are quiet about the transaction no one will ever know, period.

“But, but, but what about doing business overseas or across the country?” If you’re holding gold and silver or an electronic illusion called crypto for the purpose it is intended odds are you will not be transacting around the country or around the world, it be nothing short of a miracle to conduct business with people around the corner. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Venezuela and let me know what you see. Think it through.

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