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History Lesson on Blindly Buying and Holding the Dips in Volatile Markets

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Published : August 12th, 2019
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"Stocks have fallen sharply as a trade war between the world’s two biggest economies ramped up in the past week, and according J.P. Morgan, it’s a good time to start buying.

Equity markets could still be in for a few more weeks of pain, but J.P. Morgan head of global and European equity, Mislav Matejka, expects an eventual rebound. In the meantime, he recommended that clients “look to buy the dip.”

“Our core view remains that one should use the prospective weakness as an opportunity to add,” Matejka said in a note to clients Monday. “We continue to believe that global equities will advance further before the next U.S. recession strikes.

CNBC, Stocks still have room to fall, but look to buy the dip, JP Morgan says, 5 August 2019

I will never forget the sage wisdom and comfort that was given by one of the regulars on bubblevision in the bloody aftermath of the first tech 'dot com' bubble crash in 2001, after cheerleading it all the way up and beyond.

"Nobody made you buy stocks."

'Investing' by buying dips in volatile markets is a dangerous business, suitable only for professionals who know how to hedge and manage risk.

Especially the 'unexpected' risks.

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