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I See Dead People

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Published : May 03rd, 2021
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Category : Editorials

The May issue of The Polaris Letter is out. For now, it is still free, but I will go to a subscription basis next month. The cost is $12 a month/$120 a year — a level at which it is not too hard to get your money’s worth. There will be an additional level of goodies as well, at $25/$250.

I made a number of inquiries into offering an institutional-class service, a business that I was involved in during 2000-2005. Basically, it seems that it has become much more difficult recently, and is pursued primarily by legacy organizations that have already been involved for a long time. Meanwhile, the opportunities for retail-oriented offerings have expanded dramatically. For one thing, censorship by YouTube and Google AdWords has eliminated the advertising-based model of YouTube/AdWords if you aren’t involved in videos of makeup advice and stupid dog tricks. This drove a lot of people toward a subscription-based model on Patreon or Substack, which in turn got a lot of people accustomed to paying a few bucks a month for things they like.

I am still setting things up. After making a number of inquiries, I decided to go with Substack for basic website functionality. The process of getting a website up and running, ironing out bugs, adding features, and so forth can be more problematic than it looks — especially when you are juggling subscriptions and payments as well. I heard some unfortunate stories of people who spend a lot more time than they would like on these things, rather than doing research and coming up with ideas. Substack offers best-in-class functionality, user experience, and reliability.

Go to Substack to read “I See Dead People.” I used the H-Word — hyperinflation. We cannot be certain of the future, but I think it is time to Go There and at least think about it a bit.

I’ve set up a cover website with a bit of an intro. It is at:

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Nathan Lewis was formerly the chief international economist of a firm that provided investment research for institutions. He now works for an asset management company based in New York. Lewis has written for the Financial Times, Asian Wall Street Journal, Japan Times, Pravda, and other publications. He has appeared on financial television in the United States, Japan, and the Middle East.
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