Inflation Watch: This Popular Sector is in Serious Trouble in 2018

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Published : December 07th, 2017
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Category : Crisis Watch

Tech is warning about inflation.

Tech performs terribly during periods of higher inflation. If you think I’m making this up, take a look at the NASDAQ’s performance versus Gold during the last inflationary spike in 2011.

Tech tanked, Gold soared.

Which is why the recent very bearish breakdown in Tech is worth noting.

Between this and the rise in inflationary signals in the financial system (the NY Fed's UIG, the Cleveland Fed's stick inflation, and Producer Price Indexes), it’s looking more and more like 2018 will be a repeat of 2011.

And the good news is that with the right investments, you could see major returns.

We just published a Special Investment Report concerning FIVE secret investments you can use to make inflation pay you as it rips through the financial system in the months ahead

The report is titled Survive the Inflationary Storm. And it explains in very simply terms how to make inflation PAY YOU.

We are making just 100 copies available to the public.

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