It’s here! Jim Rickards on The M3 Report – Episode 1 is Live Now

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Published : June 27th, 2022
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Jim Rickards! Chart analysis! The Wizard of Oz! What on earth are we talking about? Our brand new show, The M3 Report!

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Today we are launching The M3 Report. Tune in for all things Metals, Markets and Money. With all the best bits of previous GoldCore TV offerings we now bring you something very exciting indeed.

We’ve loved doing the podcasts and the guest interviews but there is so much going on in the markets, economy and on the street that we figured the best way to keep you informed was to mix things up a bit.

With excerpts and bonus content from our yet-to-be-released interview with Jim Rickards we bring our own commentary and take on things going on. We also feature exclusive analysis from chart king Gareth Soloway.

This week our theme is Perspective and how vital different perspectives are in order to gain any kind of sense of what is going on in the global economy today. We couldn’t think of anyone better to discuss this with than Jim Rickards himself.

And stay tuned to the end to see Hire! Fire! Admire! when we asked Jim who in the public eye he really rates and who he absolutely does not.

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24hGold - It’s here! Jim Ricka...


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