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Judas Committed Treason Against Jesus – Did Pence Just Receive His 30 Pieces of Silver?

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Published : January 08th, 2021
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We don’t claim there is anything to this situation, but the optics, for Pence, are brutal. The America First / MAGA party has, for the past four years, embraced Pence. However, over the past couple of months it has become obvious that Pence has been part of the establishment all along. What does this “coin” signify? Who is the man giving it to him and for what reason? Why is Pence all-the-sudden buddy-buddy with traitor Pelosi?

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Like I said the optics during this 30 second exchange are brutal and says something – what it says has not been determined, but it seems like there is a lot more than meets the eye.

Pence Receives Strange Coin After Certifying The Fraudulent Election

Alright friends this is really strange.

Right after Pence certified the fraudulent election, he received a mysterious coin in a handshake.

It almost looks like Pence is being rewarded for  selling out Trump or being welcomed into the swamp.

Take a look at the video yourself

We now believe that President Trump will be able to do much more outside of government than inside. The question we have at this point is which state will be the first to file a formal secession docket? The other question is – how many states will follow suit? We believe the treason, communism and other high crimes that President Trump exposed are too heavy a burden for the treasonous establishment to carry.

A minimum of 75,000,000 have been awakened and see what has been happening. We also see there should be light at the end to the tunnel. That Light will direct us towards a new beginning that just launched on #Jan6 – it ain’t over til its over.

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