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Keith Barron of Fruta del Norte fame is back in Ecuador, and this is what he's up to

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Published : April 07th, 2017
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Category : GoldWire

Exploration geologist Keith Barron is best known for discovering the colossal Fruta del Norte gold deposit in Ecuador, but if his new venture is successful he may soon have another claim to fame.

Barron is now at the helm of Aurania Resources, and it won’t be long before the company begins work at the Lost Cities project, also in Ecuador. His goal is a lofty one: to find Logroño de los Caballeros and Sevilla del Oro, two settlements that produced gold during the 16th century but have since been lost.

While searching for lost gold might sound like something out of a storybook, Barron has made it clear that Lost Cities is a serious project that Aurania will be approaching in a careful and well-considered manner. "We're an exploration company for minerals," he told the Investing News Network. "Our main focus is obviously to find mineral deposits." ...

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