King World News and Others Removing Goldman Sachs Reference to Maguire In Attempt To Mak

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Published : October 28th, 2013
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It should be noted that King World News has slowly been removing any references to Andrew Maguire being a former employee of Goldman Sachs after the story broke the other day that shows no connection to him ever working there.

Other agencies that have accepted Maguire's bio as legit are starting to do the same thing.

The story now is that Maguire never said he worked for Goldman Sachs. (Shake head roll eye balls) … listen .. the fact Maguire allowed this to appear in his bio since he came out with his story says it all.

Here’s what is going on.  Andrew Maguire got busted for being a fraud… his whistleblowing information was predicated on the fact that he was a former employee of Goldman Sachs.  EVERYONE that has ever gotten into bed with Maguire including GATA, Turd Ferguson, Eric King of King World news is now coming to their brother’s aid trying to just let this story go away.  I won’t let that happen. Here’s why,

All along Andrew Maguire allowed his bio to read that he was a former employee of Goldman Sachs.  He never once corrected that.  Sure, he might not have directly come out and said that he didn’t work for them but he never corrected the bios before.  HE ALLOWED the people to which he fell into bed with to continue to promote him as a former employee of Goldman Sachs.  ONNCE A LIAR, ALWAYS A LIAR … Credibility of everyone involved, if not already highly questionable should now fall to zero.

And this piece by Turd Ferguson?? Give me a break.  He’s been one of Maguire’s biggest bed buddies since Maguire approached GATA claiming to be an insider.  He is trying to cover this up and comes off like a complete idiot for getting duped by Maguire himself.  Then again, all of these metal heads are easily duped when someone claims to know the inside workings of price scams … what if an insider came forward from a bullion bank claiming to have evidence that all the market pricing was legitimate … would the likes of GATA, KWN or Turd Ferguson put THEM on a pedestal.

The fact is, my open challenge to Maguire remains and I am repulsed at the cover-ups currently taking place by the likes of King World News and others who are scrambling to remove all references to Maguire being a former employee of Goldman Sachs.  Need I remind everyone this … it only takes Mill Murphy from GATA 30 seconds before he makes reference to Maguire being “formerly of Goldman Sachs”.  That has remained in Maguire’s bio up until the Kitco story the other day. Why I ask, did he never remove it or did he continue to allow it to be used if he KNEW it wasn’t true?

GATA’s Bill Murphy referring to Maguire as being a former Goldman Sachs employee

Andrew Maguire is a fraud.  His word should not be trusted. Anyone who listens to him and his fancy stories in which he shows more a lack of knowledge about the metals trading business than he does a knowledge of it, deserves what they get.  I’m tired of feeling sorry for the “little guy” who refused to listen to the cries and a growing body of evidence showing that many entities conspired  to pump the hell out silver and then dump it leaving them holding the bag.

What these entities are now doing are turning the table on Jeffrey Christian … whose curriculum vitae can easily be obtained and I’m sure he’ll gladly share it if asked.  Trying to turn this on Christian is the lamest rebuttal one can have.

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Now it seems that Maguire has come out of the woodwork, only to dig an even bigger hole for himself.
Maguire fires blanks in his response.

He starts with his claim to "35+ years" in high finance, a claim that is baseless.
He confirms he has never worked at Goldman Sachs or J.P.Morgan, without explaining why he has never corrected this public perception that he had worked at the former, and had inside information on the latter. A reputation that gave his claim to be "recognised as a Metal Trading specialist and an accredited CFTC whistle-blower" some credence in many peoples opinion.
Despite his claim that he does have "very good contacts at both of these banks"....they are contacts that nobody can find.

The links he gave to refute "False information" that "Custom Lease Capital had failed and inferred that it was my sole business interest, this is totally untrue. I personally received an Entrepreneur Award in 1992 for excellence for this company and was sold in good legal standing." is not exactly spot on either.
It was an award of no great importance to him and his wife, Corliss Maguire.
The company, with both Maguire and his wife listed as directors, was "Dissolved for non compliance (s.212) on 2004-07-12" under 'Canada Business Corporation Act 1992-03-12' The file also goes on to say that "Key financials are not available as CUSTOM LEASE FRANCHISERS CANADA INC. has not filed accounts"

"Recently posted misinformation relating to a 1998 trading account having a ‘dismal performance’, actually relates to an ex-wife’s retail equity trading account which indeed underperformed and was closed by me." does not seem to ring true in this old cynics ears, as he claims to be so financialy savvy.....but what do I know.

He then goes on to say "that the recent information that I am uncovering is exposing the very real risk of a potential LBMA default" and then tops it off with a side order that he will expose the "cabal of banks who are increasingly being caught manipulating global markets."
The LBMA can't default, it's a bunch of warehouses, just like all the other warehouses such as COMEX can't default.

In the end he uses the Garry Glitter gambit that he "will, therefore, not make any further comments relating to this matter" so no more interviews on KWN, RT et al.....yea, right. Poor fella just wants to be left alone to get on with his life.

This guy is a fraud, pure and simple. It won't be the end of the cospiaracy claims, but the credibilty of those claimants have just met their Tet Offensive.

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The ongoing childish rants by dd are unbecomming,especially on an adult forum such as this.
In the first instance if dd thinks that finding out that Andrew Maguire was never employed
by the likes of the most scurrulous bank in banking history is his greatest achievement to
date,then he sets his lifes ambitions extremely low.
It apals me and others how he went on ad infinitum on the discovery of this most important
event in his life.Sort of like a hen laying its first egg and then running around the farm yard letting
everyone know about her dd event.Tell someone who cares.
Back to Andrew and his "goldman sachs" connections this is an unfortunate indiscretion that he
picked the most disreputable bank imaginable,one of the banks that made it very neccessary
for the creation of G.A.T.A. (Wherever huge sums of money are involved corruption and theft will not
be far behind) goldman has sunk thousands including countries in persute of their greedy corrupt aims.

It is 6:05 am in London at the time of writing this comment and noticing that for the 200th or more time
this year that the lowlifes on the london metal exchange are thrashing the Gold Price again....this is graft
and without the likes of postman or whatever Maguire(or the very few out there like him that will stick their necks out
and tell it like it is) and the rest of us would be kept solidly in the dark and we thank him for that.We don't
think or either care for a moment that he was a mechanic like you suggest we don't give a continental damn,
,what we do care about is his message and unlike you who are ready and able to shoot the messenger(THE TRUTH HURTS DOESN'T IT)
from the cesspit of the london gold exchange where other than on the america markets more skulduggery goes on.

That said your other eureka moment or moments is that you called two markets sort of correctly for which I and others couldn't
give a rats backside .As I understand it from others that have followed you,they say you are like a broken clock
right twice a day and thats where you got it "rite"(purposely spelt incorrectly) only twice in your life.

dd you have a lot to atone for ,you must get a grip otherwise you will be continually lambasted and your shakey
credibility laughed at.

So maybe you continue doing Elvis Presley immitations or something else more constructive.
I hope the trick or treaters give you a hard time tonight
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Neville thanks for the rant.

Now if you can only verify your statements about me being wrong more than I am right I would greatly appreciate being called out on it.

Like I said, I warned anyone that would listen that Maguire was a set up. I advised everyone to exit silver and gold and to not look back in December of 2011 when I questioned the end of the bull market. A few days before the collapse in silver and gold from $1620 and $28.00 respectively, moves that took silver to below $20.00 and gold to below $1200 while others such as the Maguire camp were advising people to buy.

I have no motives. Blogging is not my full time job. My drive behind what I do is to keep people from getting burned. Some don't want to hear anything that contradicts what they have been forced to believe because of the countless promotion.

I have the right to be bitter. You don't have to deal with the hate mail that I do every time I say something controversial (which 99% of the time ends up being right)

I laugh when people refer to my credibility as shaky given that most of my suspicions about the people involved in this industry and the price movement of the metals has been pretty much spot on. I warned anyone that would listen ... now that I'm right, you are trying to argue my credibility is in question? I'm not the one who made grandiose claims of precious metals prices near the top to keep the suckers in the game. I'm one of the select few that was begging anyone that would listen to get out and never look back.

Your beef shouldn't be with me. Your beef should be with the likes of Maguire who as it turns out lied for personal gain. Somehow your priorities are conflicted.
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How many different ways do you need it explained to you, your an arrogant egotistical jackass and this is why people hate you. It's not what you have to say but the way you say it. You are not the only one who has made a number of correct calls in the PM's market nor are you the only one that has taken heat for making the calls. You are however the only one that has taken the approach of insulting people in this forum when they disagree with you. If you cant take the heat for posting something controversial then stick to writing children's fantasy stories.

How can I better explain this to you then to say your ignorant when it comes to interacting with people because your arrogance makes you believe the rest of us are all morons of some sort. Is this starting to make sense yet? Ask your mommy or wife to read this to you and explain it, maybe you'll value their opinion more than ours on the subject.

Here's another item, you made two separate posts crowing about the same issue. This for the benefit of your own ego as you so distinctly point out that you don't care what any of us here think. Are you finally starting to get the point? Lose the attitude and it may not be to late to get some respect from people around here, keep up the attitude and don't bother to post here.

If you value what ANYONE thinks about you and your abilities to call markets stop acting like a spoiled child and more like a professional. Looking at your site I cant find what it is your trying to do. You don't seem to promote any services provided by yourself. The site is heavy with advertisements, are you running the site simply to try making money from people clicking on ads? You re-post and link to other articles. You have 56 Google Connect (how sad) followers. You seem to offer some sort of subscription service, for what? So far all I see on your site is aimed at nothing more than inflating your ego.

Here's the footer from your site "I encourage free speech. I will not tolerate hate speech directed towards race, ethnicity, colour or religion and no trolling for the sole purpose of being disruptive I expect respect and civility. Thank you." You say "I expect respect and civility." yet you don't give respect and you've shown how uncivil you are. You can't even live by your own creed!

Your a waste Dan and until you take what your critics say about you seriously your destined to die in obscurity.

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Hi Hart
You actually looked at his site?
I knew the DD was a (?loser) when he once said that he advised people to sell silver but did not take the trade himself.

My advice to everyone is to learn as much as you can and make up your own mind about where to put your money.
Then you have no one to blame for a loss.
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Ya I spent less than 5 minutes there, its pretty thin so in 5 minutes you've covered everything, wHat he has posted there he has posted here as well, and its a site. In other words the guy can’t even afford or figure out how to set up a real web site. On recent posts, I could only find 6, three of which are, take a guess, about Maguire. He has nothing, nada, nichts, zilch about things like LIBOR, MF Global, or anything relevant to metals really. Since there have been past employees of outfits like the FED that have admitted to metals manipulation you think he would have something to say about their statements but nope, nothing.

In other words dear old Dan really doesn't have much to say about anything about PM's other than he, like many others, was right about Maguire and he's gonna make damn sure we all know he was right. Like I said a few times already, both of these posts on 24hgold are meant to do one thing only, boost his ego and maybe find someone, that doesn't know better, to believe they should pay attention when he posts. He has made a number of posts here - with you guessed it again, the majority of all recent posts being related to Maguire.

I haven't gone through all of his posts but a quick overview shows that he hasn't made any comments on the gold and silver smack downs we keep seeing, you know the ones that so many other commentators have noticed and which have never been explained. He's foolish enough to take on Schiff when Peter makes a not so great call, once again puffing out his chest in an ego build exercise. Dan should never even be allowed to be in the same room as Shiff, Dan is as you put it a tosser while Schiff has made many valid calls, the least of which is the housing bubble for which he was out right laughed at on nation television yet he was right. What's Dan got to say on the subject? Nothing I could find yet he believes he has a right to call Peter out. Did Dan have anything to say about the housing bubble back in 2007-2008, hmm seems he had nothing to say back then as his first post here was in May 24 2011.

In June of that year he comments,, and quotes Standard Chartered: "With the supply-demand balance so out of kilter, we see the gold price potentially going to US$5,000/oz" he ends with " I maintain that the flight to safety and the inflationary hedge will also contribute to a significant move in Gold."

"I maintain that the flight to safety and the inflationary hedge will also contribute to a significant move in Gold." is about as vague as you can get, that's not making a call, that's akin to saying there's a good chance the sun will come out tomorrow. He stays away from things like a time frame or a top, things that he could he held accountable for. I can make these calls, does that mean I should get an ego and claim I can tell you when to sell or buy PM's? Ya I don't think so either. What Dan seems to do well in his posts is make comments on a lot of PAST events.

On July 22nd 2011 he states "Europe will allow Greece to default" In the second sentence he states "It turns out I might have been correct for once." LMAO for once! Well as it turns out he was wrong then too. The article has lots of rehashed drivel in it, nothing new to see here folks now move along.

I don't have the stomach to go through more of his posts and I doubt that there are many who will even bother to read this far in my comment but the final result is that Dan has nothing new to say and has made a ton of bad calls. He can only crow about the few good calls he's made in which he wasn't the single person making the call, unlike Peter Schiff which he detests.

Dan is a tosser, loser, and not worth reading.
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So your conclusion is that he is not good enough to make a living from this? Hence, he must be doing something else? Well in that case you may have been right the other day when you proposed he had masters. I don't understand why you backed off from that claim. Because he appears to have an ego too? Doesn't it make sense they would employ someone to do exactly what he does, and exactly at that level? They can surely afford it. Right before the attack he was drawing lines across the charts claiming that they prove PM crash. Now he is attacking Andrew's credibility, but he is actually after credibility of his claims. Reading DD's entrails-if there's no new "immanent crash coming", if he anticipates PM sideways movement, if this is the best his masters have at this moment, I'd say they are both out of ammo and out of ideas. And DD may soon be out of a job.
Rate :   1  2Rating :   -1
I'm not sure why you think I backed off on my claim he has masters in reserve places just because I decided to go through some of the crap pile he’s written over a few years? It's not that difficult to imagine a link between someone like Dontrose who has had little success (it would appear so based on his writings and there is no indication that he sells any kind of service so how’s he making money) and who is in need of financing, and the need of those who manipulate markets for someone to write distracting articles, or even outright lies, about anyone that would open the door to their clandestine operations.

It’s a gambit used so many times throughout history that even if Dontrose was on the level he should know well enough to avoid saying what he does so that there's no chance of him being associated with the criminals.

But all of this is of course just my opinion and I still wait for Dan to post his CV with some hard core facts to back it up. I'm not going to lose sleep over it as I already know he hasn't got the balls to publish this info. He's one of those arm chair coaches, like to make calls but never wants to actually be held accountable for his calls.
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You appeared to be judging the quality of his calls, which appears to indicate you may believe there’s more then hidden agenda behind what he says. I believe there may not even be a real person behind DD, and the CV of whoever is behind this may be quite impressive. Like working at the same floor with Blythe Masters or something like that. For me, the best indication of his identity were emergence at the market peak, early calls on April attack, after which he disappeared as if his job was completed. Now he’s back for Andrew’s scalp, but I’m wondering what to make of his PM sideways trading calls. An attempt to regain credibility?
It seems that Max Headbanger will not be changing the broken record on Mr. Maguire.
'The Report' must believe that journalistic due dilligence is for others.
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