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Published : June 15th, 2019
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Lead, kindly Light, amidst the grey and gloom
The night is long and I am far from home
Here in the dark, I do not ask to see
The path ahead— one step enough for me
Lead on, lead on, kindly Light.

I was not ever willing to be led
I could have stayed, but I ran instead
In spite of fear, I followed my pride
My eyes could see, but my heart was blind
Lead on, lead on, kindly Light.

And in the night, when i was afraid
Your feet beside my own on the way
Each stumbling step where other men have trod
Shortens the road leading home to my God,

Lead on, lead on,
My God, My God,
Lead on, lead on, kindly Light.

Audrey Assad, based on The Pillar of the Cloud by J. H. Newman

Stocks went sideways for the most part today, as risks in the world seemed to weigh on the markets.

Gold and silver caught a bid, with gold sticking a close over 1340.

The US has charged Iran with the attacks on the two Japanese tankser in the Strait of Hormuz, while the prime minister of Japan was meetin with them in Tehran. No evidence was provided.

Have a pleasant evening.

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