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Legislation Impacting American Silver Eagles

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Published : December 06th, 2012
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Reading this article in its entirety one could conclude that it's 'nothing new'. However, we read it as a congressionally-enhanced addendum permitting the US Mint to suspend the bullion production of Eagles entirely and indefinitely, limiting production to the proof versions only.

We all know that the "market" can provide any commodity for a price, but could the availability of silver be an exception?

We believe this legislative revision is an anticipatory reaction to the realization that the shortage of silver is chronic, secular, and perpetual. Silver, as money, will not be tolerated to be exchanged for goods and services. And there are still those out there that believe congress has the mindset to return to a gold standard - hogwash and nonsense! They're lying, and worse - they know it. It'll be unlawful fiats to the end.

Silver coins (stored off premises) are for savers who hope to eventually be able to consume. This country will need those savings to re-build our country's return to the rule of law. Silver bars are for hoarders who will be hindered by assay, convenience and merchant acceptance upon presentation for exchange.

Coins NOT bars!

Legislation Impacting American Silver Eagles
December 1, 2012

The American Silver Eagle was created through the passage of legislation, which directed the Secretary of the Treasury to mint and issue silver bullion coins, with a specified weight, silver content, and design. Throughout the history of the series, there have been other legislative actions, which impacted the offering.

Initial authorization for the coins was provided under Title II of Public Law No. 99-61, known as the “Liberty Coin Act”. The resolution had been passed in the House of Representatives on March 5, 1985 and passed in the Senate with amendments on June 21. The House concurred with the amendments on June 24, and President Ronald Reagan signed the bill into law on July 9, 1985.

The Act specified that the coins would have a diameter of 40.6 mm, weight of 31.103 grams (one troy ounce), and composition of .999 fine silver. The obverse design was to be symbolic of Liberty, while the reverse would contain an eagle. Required inscriptions included the words “Liberty”, “In God We Trust”, “United States of America”, “1 oz. fine silver”, “E Pluribus Unum”, and “One Dollar”.

The coins which would later become known as American Silver Eagles were to be sold to the public based on the market value of bullion plus the cost of minting, marketing, and distributing the coins. The Secretary of the Treasury was required to issue the coins in quantities sufficient to meet public demand. Silver for the coins was to be acquired through purchase from national defense stockpile of 137.5 million troy ounces.

On November 24, 1986, the first Silver Eagles were released to the public. The United States Mint distributed the coins through an initial group of 25 authorized purchasers. To become an authorized purchaser, prospective dealers had to show net worth of $50 million and liquid assets of $10 million. This small group of dealers was able to purchase the coins directly from the Mint based on the market price of silver plus a fixed mark up. In turn, they would resell the coins to the public or other dealers, as well as facilitate a two way market.
24hGold - Legislation Impactin...The program continued successfully for many years.

In 2002, it became apparent that the national defense stockpile of silver would soon become depleted. A bill known as “Support of the American Eagle Silver Bullion Program Act” was passed in the House and Senate. With the signature of President Bush on July 23, 2002, the bill became Public Law 107-201. It authorized the Secretary of the Treasury to purchase silver on the open market when the silver stockpile had become depleted. At the time, the United States Mint estimated that they may purchase as much as 9 million troy ounces of silver per year.

In the later part of the decade, the demand for Silver Eagles proved to be even greater. This became problematic when the United States Mint was not able to purchase silver planchets necessary to strike the bullion coins required to meet full public demand. The United States Mint was forced to suspend sales on several occasions in 2008 and 2009, and ration available supplies for an extended period of time. The situation resulted in the cancellation of the 2009 Proof Silver Eagle, since the collector versions were not legally required to be produced.

24hGold - Legislation Impactin...At the request of the United States Mint, a bill with a legislative fix for problem was introduced known as “Coin Modernization, Oversight, and Continuity Act of 2010″. The bill was passed in the House of Representatives and Senate, and then became Public Law No. 111-302 with President Obama’s signature.

Under the Act, the previous requirements related to issuance of the American Silver Eagle bullion coins were changed. The new requirements called for the Secretary of the Treasury to strike the coins in both quantities and qualities that the Secretary determined to be sufficient to meet public demand. The purpose of the change was to allow Proof Silver Eagles to be produced even at times when bullion coins were not being minted in quantities needed to satisfy full public demand.

After a one year hiatus, the US Mint resumed issuance of the popular collector proof version. The changes affected through legislation were not specifically required for the offering of the 2010 Proof Silver Eagle, as sales commenced prior to the bill being signed into law.

However, the legislative change will provide some assurance and legal backing for the continued production of future proof and collector issues of the series.




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"Silver bars are for hoarders who will be hindered by assay, convenience and merchant acceptance upon presentation for exchange." Really? Couldn't a person just melt their 107 each 1 ozt bars into one big bar and pay one assay fee of ... just looked yes  Read more
overtheedge - 12/6/2012 at 8:07 PM GMT
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"Silver bars are for hoarders who will be hindered by assay, convenience and merchant acceptance upon presentation for exchange."

Really? Couldn't a person just melt their 107 each 1 ozt bars into one big bar and pay one assay fee of ... just looked yesterday and a Au-Ag assay would cost me $35USD. It isn't the least bit inconvenient to sell to a refiner. Granted, you would lose the premium you paid for the 1ozt bars.

Merchant acceptance? Does this author think that people use silver bars for day to day purchases?
Rate :   0  4Rating :   -4
i believe you have misunderstood what the author was getting at. He was stating that you would have to pay an assay fee when it is time to put the purchasing power of your silver bar to use. He seemed to indicate that would not be the case with a coin.

As for melting your coins to form your own bar, doing so would be counter productive. Not only would you incur a cost in melting them down, you would then have a product that would have to be assayed. Not only that, you would not then be able to sell an unrecognized bar for as much as you could had you not melted the coins.

To get around the assay fee when it comes time to sell, some vendors are quite happy to buy back from you the bar they sold you. Just have them enter the serial number stamped on the bar on your receipt when you make the purchase. And of course, keep the receipt.
Rate :   0  3Rating :   -3
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