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Let’s You and Him Fight

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Published : March 03rd, 2014
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     So, now we are threatening to start World War Three because Russia is trying to control the chaos in a failed state on its border — a state that our own government spooks provoked into failure? The last time I checked, there was a list of countries that the USA had sent troops, armed ships, and aircraft into recently, and for reasons similar to Russia’s in Crimea: the former Yugoslavia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, none of them even anywhere close to American soil. I don’t remember Russia threatening confrontations with the USA over these adventures.

     The phones at the White House and the congressional offices ought to be ringing off the hook with angry US citizens objecting to the posturing of our elected officials. There ought to be crowds with bobbing placards in Farragut Square reminding the occupant of 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue how ridiculous this makes us look.

     The saber-rattlers at The New York Times were sounding like the promoters of a World Wrestling Federation stunt Monday morning when they said in a Page One story:

“The Russian occupation of Crimea has challenged Mr. Obama as has no other international crisis, and at its heart, the advice seemed to pose the same question: Is Mr. Obama tough enough to take on the former K.G.B. colonel in the Kremlin?”

     Are they out of their chicken-hawk minds over there? It sounds like a ploy out of the old Eric Berne playbook: Let’s You and Him Fight. What the USA and its European factotums ought to do is mind their own business and stop issuing idle threats. They set the scene for the Ukrainian melt-down by trying to tilt the government their way, financing a pro-Euroland revolt, only to see their sponsored proxy dissidents give way to a claque of armed neo-Nazis, whose first official act was to outlaw the use of the Russian language in a country with millions of long-established Russian-speakers. This is apart, of course, from the fact Ukraine had been until very recently a province of Russia’s former Soviet empire.

     Secretary of State John Kerry — a haircut in search of a brain — is winging to Kiev tomorrow to pretend that the USA has a direct interest in what happens there. Since US behavior is so patently hypocritical, it raises the pretty basic question: what are our motives? I don’t think they amount to anything more than international grandstanding — based on the delusion that we have the power and the right to control everything on the planet, which is based, in turn, on our current mood of extreme insecurity as our own ongoing spate of bad choices sets the table for a banquet of consequences.

     America can’t even manage its own affairs. We ignore our own gathering energy crisis, telling ourselves the fairy tale that shale oil will allow us to keep driving to WalMart forever. We paper over all of our financial degeneracy and wink at financial criminals. Our infrastructure is falling apart. We’re constructing an edifice of surveillance and social control that would make the late Dr. Joseph Goebbels turn green in his grave with envy while we squander our dwindling political capital on stupid gender confusion battles.

     The Russians, on the other hand, have every right to protect their interests along their own border, to protect the persons and property of Russian-speaking Ukrainians who, not long ago, were citizens of a greater Russia, to discourage neo-Nazi activity in their back-yard, and most of all to try to stabilize a region that has little history and experience with independence. They also have to contend with the bankruptcy of Ukraine, which may be the principal cause of its current crack-up. Ukraine is deep in hock to Russia, but also to a network of Western banks, and it remains to be seen whether the failure of these linked obligations will lead to contagion throughout the global financial system. It only takes one additional falling snowflake to push a snow-field into criticality.

     Welcome to the era of failed states. We’ve already seen plenty of action around the world and we’re going to see more as resource and capital scarcities drive down standards of living and lower the trust horizon. The world is not going in the direction that Tom Friedman and the globalists thought. Anything organized at the giant scale is now in trouble, nation-states in particular.  The USA is not immune to this trend, whatever we imagine about ourselves for now. 

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James Howard Kunstler has worked as a reporter and feature writer for a number of newspapers, and finally as a staff writer for Rolling Stone Magazine. In 1975, he dropped out to write books on a full-time basis. His nonfiction book, "The Long Emergency," describes the changes that American society faces in the 21st century. Discerning an imminent future of protracted socioeconomic crisis, Kunstler foresees the progressive dilapidation of subdivisions and strip malls, the depopulation of the American Southwest, and, amid a world at war over oil, military invasions of the West Coast; when the convulsion subsides, Americans will live in smaller places and eat locally grown food.
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Was thinking about this early today, have we settled on a common name for "them"? You know, the top 1%, the ones that took trillions from the middle class in 2007, the ones that profit from bloodshed around the world, the ones that control Gold, Silver, and every other non-paper based commodity, the ones that haven't worked in generations because they make their money by loaning money, etc. What should we call them?
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Imperialists maybe?
What's wrong with the time tested and proven "Assholes"?
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Kerry -- a haircut in search of a brain -- good one Kunstler!
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Couldn't agree more. Time is approaching for all to realise who in reality running this ugly show, surely it cannot be the voters ... or the people ... or any nation. People of the US must be aware of the fact that they are being blamed for all the ill-doings of a handful of imperialist/zionists. It's not republicans or democrats anymore, it's not commies or libertians, the war is between the people and those parasites. I'm happy to see so many people have started to wake up.
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In God we trust,
In gold we trust,
All others, pay up.
But if you can't; just find an excuse to "pick a fight" and blame your problems on others.
We have entered into a decade of "distrust and conflict."
Just look at the "track record" of delutions and misery in the middle east.

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At first read I would agree with Kunstler -- why does the USA need to finance another's nation's freedom with taxpayer money or, worse, blood? We have a failed history of doing both and apparently haven't learned. National defense is one thing; foolish waste of assets another.

...but then Kunstler doesn't believe in any state, believes we are destroying the planet, running out of resources (which we're least debatable) and ought to form some kind of nature cooperative that bans anything other what can be made by hand -- whatever in hell that means. But I'm sure he, or some other potentate in charge of said nature commune, would let us know what we could or couldn't do.

So, given my caveat, I agree with Kunstler.

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Not that he mentions any of that. I guess you couldn't resist having a shot at HK for that stance.

"finance another's nation's freedom". Do you honestly think throwing money and guns at a region yields freedom for it's inhabitants? You really think this is about wanting to help people on the other side of the world keep safe and warm? As always it's about power, influence, resources.... an empire doing its thing.

Nature shows us that the top dog (or lion, monkey, what have you) needs to assert itself continually in order to remain on top. Us humans think we've transcended nature but sadly we mimic it wonderfully, just using iPhones and drones rather than teeth and claws.

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What's wrong with the time tested and proven "Assholes"? Read more
Spokes - 3/16/2014 at 11:34 AM GMT
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