Martin Armstrong say Predicting the Future is as Easy as Pi

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Published : June 29th, 2011
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 On several occasions I have written about Nick Nicolaas. Mr. Nicolaas is the founder, president and CEO of Mining Interactive. Mr. Nicolaas brings over 37 years of leadership, management, marketing and financing expertise in the junior mining field to the table. He has been involved in the forming and structuring of private and public companies including financial consulting services, corporate communications, and investor relations to assist in the creation of strong after market support and subsequent shareholder value.He is one of the most sought after consultants in the world of Rare Earth Elements (REE's) in the world.


          During a recent conversation he introduced me to a man named Martin Armstrong and his economic business cycle. It is based on pi X 1000 = 3141 days or 8.6 years. Rather than go into a long winded explanation of his economic model I strongly urge all my readers to go to visit


and read more about this fascinating man.


Please see the model below.



Discovered in the 1970's by dividing the number of major panics into a given time frame Martin Armstrong's 8.6 year pi cycle (piX1000=3141 days or 8.6 years) has had many direct hits on various market indexes, commodities and currencies producing billions to one odds against it being just a meaningless coincidence. Indeed, Armstrong's cycle gives dates down to the day years and decades ahead of time. Armstrong's is eerily precise. It is so precise that the CIA and Chinese government tried to acquire his super-computer model after his amazing prediction of the crash of 1998 to the day.


The SEC recognized that his predictions were so accurate that they assumed he was trading on inside information. When Mr. Armstrong refuted these allegations he had his constitutional rights stripped from him and his Constitutional right to a speedy trial was taken away from him. Did the founding fathers of America want future judges and politicians to ignore the Constitution? What would the founding fathers do to officials who ignored the Constitution?


Recent events in the world's stock markets show the accuracy of his model, the markets sold off right on his forecasted date of Feb 27, 2007. He said in effect that everything would rise up into 2007 - including the stock markets, housing and especially hard assets like commodities. The fact that the hard assets peaked last spring (gold, copper, etc.) shows that capital flows are currently focused on the stock markets world-wide, it is likely that they will continue up and commodities should resume their bull market for the next major leg up. We will see $100+ a barrel oil and Gold well over $2000 - even 3 or $4000 according to some estimates.


According to Mr. Armstrong’s model we will be entering into “Primary Wave 3” that is going to take the Dow to 20,000 in the coming years, gold and commodities should keep moving up too.


You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that all hell has broken loose in the markets. We have suffered one of 5 major crashes over the past 200 years, and coming down with a velocity only exceeded on two other instances in history, we can see much more clearly now. The housing and mortgage issue that I was concerned about in early 2007 certainly turned out to be a very unpleasant event with the US government having to step in with a 700 Billion bail-out package for the financial institutions that used leverage and derivatives to speculate in unsound mortgages. In retrospect Martin Armstrong's pi cycle showed the high in the US financial indices back in February of 2007 which produced a mini-crash, that turned out to be the warning shot fired which led to about a 50% loss in the stock markets in one year. Mr. Armstrong also wrote in 1999 that by late 2007 it would be obvious that there would be a serious problem with the economy. Mr. Armstrong’s model  predicts that the Dow Jones Industrials can have a huge rally, I presume approaching 20,000 before 2015 and while I did think that was a possibility before, I now think that is pretty unlikely.


After viewing a live webinar put on yesterday, I think it worth noting that a market that declines with this much velocity and by so much is likely to take out the initial panic low that we saw on Oct.10, 2008. It seems like it would be a miracle now for the markets to resume a major bull market. According to the Armstrong Economic model June 15th is the next pi cycle low, and while I think the markets are likely to keep going down, Mr. Armstrong’s model has been spot on for so many years I will be forced to take the contrarian point of view and keep an eye out for his predictions and when there is evidence that he continues to be right I will act accordingly.


I pray that this is not going to get too ugly but I think we can expect to see unemployment rates move up aggressively over the next couple of years. While I do not have the advantage of Martin's 32,000 variables super computer model, I will continue to interpret his model using just my brain.


My concern here is housing and unemployment.  If they continue breaking down into the lows of 2009 or lower as it appears they are doing, things may get a little rough. The next major move for the economy should be Martin's mid 2011 date. I firmly believe that gold and commodities will go up as the dollar weakens. I will continue to study his model as he has been eerily right so far. 


"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
          Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." 


                         ---Hamlet Act1 Scene 5


Stay tuned. I will be posting an analysis of the Silver ETF and an video on same. 





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George Maniere has an MBA in Finance and 38+ years of market experience, and has learned by experience that hubris equals failure and that the market can remain illogical longer than you can remain solvent. Please post all comments and questions, and feel free to email him at He will respond.
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