Massive Russian Silver Hoard

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Published : February 05th, 2018
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This story first surfaced a couple of weeks ago and now Mike Maloney has produced a video discussing all the Russian gold and how the U.S. hasn’t audited Ft. Knox or FRBNY vaults in multiple decades while Russia is not only providing a birds-eye view of their gold and silver reserves they give an idea of how all this money is accounted. If you watch the vide below some of the images give a close up shot of the cages where the gold is stored with various serial numbers and vault numbers. One could presume this is part of the auditing process.

When you review these images Mr. Maloney, along with everyone else that has reported on this story, has overlooked the series of images below. These images show, what appears to be, 1000 ounce bars of silver stacked high and deep. If the packaging is an indication of the contents then all those packages contain as much silver as the Russians have gold – possibly more. The gold bars are smaller and spread out more than the silver bars. For me, this is the real story – what’s up with the silver the Russians are storing at their central bank? This is not reported to the IMF, like gold, for monetary purposes. Silver can be, and apparently is, stored by any nation in any amount for any purpose. The word silver, in more countries than not, translates to “money”.

If you look at the images above – click any to enlarge – you will see silver bars peeking out of the cardboard. How much silver is stacked on these pallets? The bars in the first image, appear to be 1,000 ounce bars – they may be a different size, but whatever their size, odds are against you being able to walk into your local coin shop and pick one up. Online dealers carry these behemoths, but they are not for the typical retail investor. How much silver and for what purpose is all this silver stacked is what I want to know. Not that I will ever get an answer, but it is interesting the Russians are showing their “hand” when it comes to money and the diversity in their vaults. That’s a lot of silver!

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