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From the Archives : Originally published August 20th, 2013
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~ Railroad Depot Charleston, South Carolina, 1864 ~

 THE LETTER from Union Lieutenant Thomas J. Myers: Feb 26, 1865 of the Morrill Tariff

"Camp near Camden, S. C.

My dear wife--I have no time for particulars. We have had a glorious time in this State. Unrestricted license to burn and plunder was the order of the day. 

The chivalry [meaning the Honourable & Chivalrous people of the South] have been stripped of most of their valuables. Gold watches, silver pitchers, cups, spoons, forks, &c., are as common in camp as blackberries.

The terms of plunder are as follows: Each company is required to exhibit the results of its operations at any given place--one-fifth and first choice falls to the share of the commander-in-chief and staff; one-fifth to the corps commanders and staff; one-fifth to field officers of regiments, and two-fifths to the company.

Officers are not allowed to join these expeditions without disguising themselves as privates. One of our corps commanders borrowed a suit of rough clothes from one of my men, and was successful in this place. He got a large quantity of silver (among other things an old-time milk pitcher) and a very fine gold watch from a Mrs DeSaussure, at this place. DeSaussure was one of the F. F. V.s of South Carolina, and was made to fork over liberally.. Officers over the rank of Captain are not made to put their plunder in the estimate for general distribution. This is very unfair, and for that reason, in order to protect themselves, subordinate officers and privates keep back every thing that they can carry about their persons, such as rings, earrings, breast pins, &c., of which, if I ever get home, I have about a quart. I am not joking--I have at least a quart of jewelry for you and all the girls, and some No. 1 diamond rings and pins among them.

General Sherman has silver and gold enough to start a bank. His share in gold watches alone at Columbia was two hundred and seventy-five. But I said I could not go into particulars. All the general officers and many besides had valuables of every description, down to embroidered ladies' pocket handkerchiefs. I have my share of them, too. We took gold and silver enough from the damned rebels to have redeemed their infernal currency twice over.

This, (the currency), whenever we came across it, we burned, as we considered it utterly worthless.

~ Charleston, South Carolina ~

I wish all the jewelry this army has could be carried to the "Old Bay State". It would deck her out in glorious style; but, alas! it will be scattered all over the North and Middle States. 

The damned niggers, as a general rule, prefer to stay at home, particularly after they found out that we only wanted the able-bodied men, (and to tell the truth, the youngest and best-looking women). Sometimes we took off whole families and plantations of niggers, by way of repaying secessionists. But the useless part of them we soon manage to lose; [one very effective was to "shoot at their bobbing heads as they swam rivers" after the army units crossed over], sometimes in crossing rivers, sometimes in other ways.

I shall write to you again from Wilmington, Goldsboro', or some other place in North Carolina. The order to march has arrived, and I must close hurriedly. Love to grandmother and aunt Charlotte. Take care of yourself and children. Don't show this letter out of the family.

Your affectionate husband, Thomas J Myers, Lieut.,

P.S. I will send this by the first flag of truce to be mailed, unless I have an opportunity of sending it at Hilton Head. Tell Sallie I am saving a pearl bracelet and ear-rings for her; but Lambert got the necklace and breast pin of the same set. I am trying to trade him out of them. These were taken from the Misses Jamison, daughters of the President of the South Carolina Secession Convention.
We found these on our trip through Georgia."

Ruins ~ Columbia, South Carolina 1864

SOURCE: GreyRiderforDixienet

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Lesson: Inferior morals (support of slavery) and inferior military power equals loss of gold and silver.
Rate :   3  13Rating :   -10
Oh look, another Jim C login. How many is that now Jim? Lovetochat. FreedomFirst, BDB, casamurphy, Jim C, and how many more?
Rate :   9  7Rating :   2
What a useless response. I am not Jim C.

Also, though the UNC archives show the existence of a letter about plunder from Myers, the author of this article should have linked to an actual copy of the letter and the judgement of academics as to its authenticity. The UNC archives mention that the letter is not an original, but a "copy" of such a letter; and that the copy was produced in the south in 1944. This would make it suspicious as KKK pro-Jim Crow propaganda.

24hgold isn't a forum for re-fighting the civil war, so I stick to my judgement of the relevance of have such an article posted here:

Lesson: If society collapses due to moral corruption (social injustice, extreme wealth accumulation by a few while the masses are impoverished), etc.), then many who hoped gold and silver would provide a store of wealth will lose that wealth to those that wield the most localized ability to take the gold and silver by force.
Rate :   4  11Rating :   -7
More Jim C blah blah blah.
Rate :   9  7Rating :   2
Sounds like the ranting of an ignorant, dumbed-down sloth of humanity.
Rate :   3  8Rating :   -5
True or not, whatever plunder General Sherman visited upon the slave South was well deserved -- the South having enslaved, murder, and sold human beings for generations.

There are plenty of letters from Northern cities about the plunderous invasion of Gerenal Lee and his minions into the Shenandoah Valley.
Rate :   9  9Rating :   0
So innocent people that died at the hands of the northern soldiers died because they deserved it? You have made some pretty stupid comments in your time here but this statement just serves to show that you really are a moron.

And before you go off on a rant, the innocents were the poor people, the farmers and such that the north slaughtered, not the people who were wealthy enough to own slaves. These should have been the target but we all know the rich will always move out of the way and allow others to suffer on their behalf. So once again Lincoln and his army lost a little more of its squeaky clean appearance.
Rate :   10  4Rating :   6
As always you resort to personal attack instead of argument.

You forget that it was the 'innocent' southern farmers that supported the southern military and kept slavery alive. The farmers in the north that General Lee plundered in his invasion of the Shenandoah Valley had no such guilt. It was Sherman's stated intention to wreck the South's economic foundation and wreck it he did. Curious that the South and its supporters cared for their valuables than the lives of their young men. General Sherman had the fewest casualties of any major general in the war.

Southern hatred should rather be directed at General Grant who had no qualms about trading life for life in brutal battles with General Lee -- and Lee himself who sent thousands to their deaths in a stupid frontal attack against the Gettysburg heights.

You're never going to find anyone 'squeaky clean' in any kind of war. But before you condemn Lincoln and Sherman for not being 'squeaky clean' look at the flith of slavery that besmirched the South.
Rate :   9  5Rating :   4
Once again, you hold keeping Lincolns reputation in higher regard than human life. That's why I called you a moron, for the very blatant support over the north rather than comment on the needless loss of life.

Of course the southern farmers supported the southern military, the southern military was trying to keep the farmers from being slaughtered by the north. Is this so hard to understand, you support those who support and protect you. As for caring about young men, how many young men died because Lincoln started the war to "wreck the South's economic foundation"? You just validated every comment I have ever made on this stating that the north caused the war by doing everything in its power to limit or outright eliminate the South's ability to become economically self-sufficient and secede from the union. This was a war fought to grab money, not to free the slaves.

No one here as ever tried to make the south look clean or innocent. The only person here that has bent the truth has been you, always trying to keep both Lincoln and the north in general looking like they were the victims. You keep bringing up Ft Sumter and the fact that the first bullet was fired by the south as an excuse for military action against the south when in fact the shot fired can easily be summated as the south having finally been pushed to the point where they felt no option but to shoot. This is what can be expected from any one that has been subject to aggression that can’t be justified.

And please stop bringing slavery into these exchanges, we all know the basis for the war was not to free the slaves.

You keep trying to uphold the north by claiming that less lives were lost at the hands of the northerners. What a stupid statement. Loss of life is loss of life. Don't try to bring a measure of scale into this, the atrocities committed by either side was every bit as grievous as those committed by the other.

Let me try to put this in a context that is more current. The pressure that the US is putting on Iran. When the US has been meddling in Iran's affairs for decades how could anyone be surprised if Iran did strike first. There are several ways to fight a war and certainly the US has been waging a war against Iran for a very long time. Just because a gun hasn’t been fired or drones sent in firing on supposed terrorists doesn't mean they haven't started a war yet. You can take this and apply it directly to what Lincoln did in the civil war. Same aggression just a different idiot president.

Rate :   11  4Rating :   7
Sounds like Jim C is using an old school yard tactic. 'I'm better than you because I killed less people than you did'. Now apply this to what he's claiming about the north killing less civilians. What a childish comment! How impaired does ones judgement have to be to make such a statement?
Rate :   7  2Rating :   5
It's all making sense now. Jim C is prejudice (dare I say bordering on racist?) against the southern folks and resents anyone that doesn't hold the same views. That being the case of course he'd post the type of things he does anytime someone exposes the atrocities committed by the criminal we know as Lincoln.
Rate :   7  1Rating :   6
I doubt that Jim is racist but he most certainly is a creepy little old man who is purposely ignorant on matters he would rather not have challenged.
Rate :   6  1Rating :   5
I find it hard to believe that letter is true.
Rate :   2  12Rating :   -10
I find it most hard to believe that you would find the letter 'hard to believe.'
Rate :   4  8Rating :   -4
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I doubt that Jim is racist but he most certainly is a creepy little old man who is purposely ignorant on matters he would rather not have challenged. Read more
Spokes - 8/23/2013 at 3:16 PM GMT
Rating :  6  1
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