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Published : December 16th, 2014
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Category : Crisis Watch

A Muslim fanatic walked into Sydney café, pulled out a gun and took the customers and staff hostage. Two of the hostages were killed, one while heroically tackling the terrorist, and several wounded. The reaction of the terrorist-sympathising left was to go into protection mode for Muslims. The insufferable Age was able to produce a so-called report on the terrorist without mentioning the relevant fact that he is a Muslim. It did, however, call him a “self-described cleric”.

Now an Age reader would have to determine whether this cleric was a catholic, a Presbyterian, a Buddhist, a Sikh priest or maybe even one of those dastardly fanatical Quakers. Not only that, they would also assume that he was not a real cleric. What the Age did not report is that Manny Conditsis, who was the terrorist’s lawyer, definitely stated that his client “was a cleric in Iran… and that’s been established”. Terrific. A fanatical Iranian cleric was allowed into the country and now two Australians are dead. Only political correctness can explain this insanity.

 And one cannot speak of political correctness and insanity — not to mention political bigotry— without referring to the ever-so patriotic ABC (Australian Brainwashing Corporation). A mate of mine who listens to ABC Radio National Breakfast (his stomach is much stronger than mine) described how Ellen Fanning and Paul Bongiorno fawned over a so-called Muslim scholar who claimed — and don’t they all — that the terrorists’ actions had nothing to do with Islam.

Well, if terrorism has nothing to do with Islam how come these homicidal thugs are able to accurately quote great lumps from the Koran to justify their atrocities? This is one question that the cringe-inducing Fanning and Bongiorno neglected to ask. If terrorist actions are a perversion of the Koran why don’t these Muslims take to the street to denounce them? There has not been a single protest by Muslims against Muslim terrorists. Not bloody one.

The reason for the silence is simple — and it isn’t fear. They cannot denounce Muslim terrorists without denouncing the Koran. If Australia’s so-called hate speech laws were properly enforced the Koran would be banned from publication. Under the law framed by leftwing bigots a book that incites murder against those who criticise its author and his religion is protected speech while those who protest the book are prosecuted for hate speech.

This is exactly what leftists did in Victoria in 2006 when they used Bracks’ blasphemy law to relentlessly persecute two Christian pastors for the crime — and it is a crime in this state — of quoting accurately from the Koran. As expected, these pastors received no help from our heroic right-wing. (It appears that the pastors were not sufficiently important to warrant our right’s support).

This has to stop. All Muslim immigration must cease. Those guilty of promoting terrorism or associating with it in anyway should be immediately deported. The polygamy laws should be vigorously enforced. Any man caught trying to bring another ‘wife’ into the country should be charged with sex trafficking and deported, after he has done his ten years in the pokey. All Muslim schools and mosques should be subjected to strict surveillance.

It should be clear, except to leftwing morons and cowardly Liberals, that there are limits to what a civilised society should tolerate. Muslims have now reached that limit. It is time that Australia acted in its own defence.

I am sure that any Muslims that object will have no difficulty finding asylum in the newly-founded Islamic State. Who knows, perhaps they will get to enjoy the sexual pleasures of the slave market and the daily spectacle of decapitations and crucifixions?


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Does anyone still wonder why is Australia hotbed for second generation Muslim migrant radicalization? Does anyone still need an explanation on why Australia, with less than 10% of US population, contributed more "fighters" to IS cause? All the backwater, middle-class-but-worse-than-bogan, nitwit, racist, walking-inferiority-complex simpletons (and current PM is one of them too), instead of plowing the fields and being productive, are given the opportunity to spend their time and other people's hard earned money, into producing foul smelling narratives describing their painfully limited understanding of what is happening around them. I wonder, when someone comes at you in this shape and form, only because of one aspect of who you are, just like Hitler and his buddies through the history did, how come there are not more unbalanced individuals triggered.
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I'm actually sorry I read this article. I'm an Australian and watched this terrible event unfold live. Everybody knew he was a Muslim, since he was forcing his hostages to hold up a flag stating that Allah and Mohammad are the only ones worth praying to. Your prejudiced rhetoric doesn't belong on our shores, and it most certainly won't be tolerated by any true Australian. Oz is a nation of tolerance and friendship, albeit one that still has a lot of work to do.

If this man wasn't a Muslim it would have been described as a hostage situation. Only because he was of Muslim faith is anybody calling this a terrorist act. I'd say that every hostage situation is a terrorist act since the people involved would be terrified. I can think of about 10 "hostage situations" from this year, one in which the police basically shut down half of an entire suburb to arrest a person called "Badness". This wasn't described as terrorism, even though he had hostages and a lot more guns and a worse criminal record than the maniac from yesterday.

I saw the Grand Mufti condemn this action, as well as scores of Muslims say it was a despicable act of a maniac, so you should correct your assumptions that write as fact.

The act of blaming a whole group for the actions of one is discriminatory, and the act itself shows how small minded and intolerant you are. You should be ashamed of what you wrote. Perhaps you should find asylum somewhere too, as you attitude isn't welcome.

I'm a proud white non-religious Australian and friend to all who live in this fabulous country, except you.

To all Muslims having to put up with this sort of rubbish, #illridewithyou
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All please understand this person was a Muslim,that was his believe! His character was that of a criminal as was shown by his action on the day and previously.He was just hiding behind the Muslim faith for his own benefit and gain, he was looking at a long jail term for charges pending and I assume his action on the day were to try and gain some advantage of the justice system to his benefit.

Of more concern is that raids have taken place in the last 24 hours that related to the plan public murder of people in Martin Place and yes it's by people of the Muslim faith.

I believe that these people and the families should be deported at the time of finding the guilty, you ask why there families because they would know of the plan to carry this out. It sends a message a very strong message that would no have to be repeated to many times.

It's time for Australia to realise that these people don't intergrate and before you say that's not true look at every country they have been granted and welcome to live in. They all have major problems mainly from the fact these people are not tolerant and expect people to change and accomodate them and their believes, while the rights and believes of the people of these countries are under attack each and every day.

I have Muslim friend and it amazes me they never speak out against these acts or they never reported by the Muslim themselves.

I fear for the future of Australia and the world as a whole is the real Muslim don't stand up to the fanatics of their believe.

Please before you critisize me look at go look a the problems in all countries who have embrace these people, look at how the country and people have to change to accomodate them and look at the humane and finical cost to these countries.

Final look how they treat there own, that's each other and their females.

I'm sorry to say it but it would be a better world separated into Muslims and Other Believes, for those who are actual prepare to live along side and be tolorrent to others.

In closing I believe in a persons right to there believes and would be the first to defend their right to them, the question is should it be at the cost of your own and your countries.

Be Safe
Be Happy
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All please understand this person was a Muslim,that was his believe! His character was that of a criminal as was shown by his action on the day and previously.He was just hiding behind the Muslim faith for his own benefit and gain, he was looking at a lo  Read more
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