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Published : May 19th, 2016
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I don't follow any of this exactly, as I make mistakes, and cheat. If someone tried to adopt this all at once, they might get violently ill and/or suffer a candida die-off reaction, or reaction against their medicines. It took me over 4 years to slowly adopt to and learn to eat this way, and I'm still learning.

1. Many people lie to you about nutrition advice. It's like any other subject, full of fraud. Everyone has an agenda; from food manufacturers, to the medical establishment. We all have an opinion. These are mine. My agenda is my own health.

2. I avoid all alcohol. It has no vitamins or minerals. It's hard on the liver; in excess, it causes me brain damage. I spent nearly $70,000 on rehab. Nobody pays that kind of money to learn how to avoid the other things on this list. (Unless they are recovering from both cancer, and the chemotherapy!) I'm sober 4.5 years now, since Oct. 2011.

3. I try to avoid sugar. It has no vitamins or minerals. Causes diabetes, obviously. And vitamin and mineral deficiencies, obviously, which also cause many diseases, of course. The worst sources of sugar are probably sodas which also contain bromine, such as Mt. Dew.

4. I try to avoid corn syrup. Worse than sugar, the FDA tested and found that half of corn syrups tested contain traces of mercury.

5. I try to avoid and limit flour and bread. (I only started this about two months ago, with the help of H2O2! Hydrogen Peroxide seemed to help get me past the sugar and bread cravings, not exactly sure how!) Bread contains three poisons now. Glyphosate, Roundup, is toxic, and even organic wheat can be killed with glyphosate at harvest time, and be called organic. The second poison is bromine, a bread additive, a brain toxin that causes schizophrenia. The third poison is aluminum found in baking powders, which kills nerves and is linked to Alzheimer's.

6. The three staple foods I eat that I think actually build up health are: greens, fruit, and meat. All three are recommended in the Bible.

I know Ezekiel Bread also is, and Jesus multiplied loaves of bread, but those breads probably did not cointain a triple poison brew. Greens and fruit are mentioned in Genesis and Revelation. Animal meat is mentioned in the story of Noah. Without meat, people are prone to deficiencies of zinc, B vitamins, and essential amino acids. One of my top protein sources is eggs, which I eat nearly every day.

Greens seem to be the primary healers. They both chelate minerals, and yet are loaded with minerals. The way I like to get my greens is through green smoothies; greens, fruit and water in the blender. I have created a website showing how I have healed and fixed all my joint pain from green smoothies and isometric stretching.

Fruit seems to be the staple food for which was intended to be our primary diet. It is the "edible" part of most plants and trees, and contains the seeds. Many of what we consider to be "vegetables" are really fruits. Vegetable is really a generic word for "plant based food"; and includes the roots and leaves. Really, it's more specifically described as either roots, leaves, stems, or fruits which contain the seeds. The following are fruits: bell peppers, avocados, tomatoes, Zucchini, squash, eggplant, etc. The following are roots: carrots, beets, radishes, potatoes, etc. The following are leaves: spinach, cilantro, kale, etc.

7. Supplements. My top is iodine. Iodine boosts IQ! Some greens, as good as they are, block iodine, which is essential for for thyroid, testosterone, breasts, found in all tissues, and it cleanses several toxins; fluoride, bromine, mercury and aluminum. Iodine used to be the top medicine. Found in seaweeds and fish, or supplements; such as Lugol's 2%, which I'm taking 50 mg, for three months, then backing off to 10 mg. Co supplements are selenium, and sea salt. 97% of people are iodine deficient. So this is probably the most important piece of advice on this list, because it has the greatest chance of being true and thus helpful for you, and probably can be the cheapest and most effective thing you can do. (Unless you eat lots of seaweed!) (And iodine is a miracle germ killer; killing all three, bacterial, fungals, and virals. The medical establishment seems to hate it, except for a few doctors. Taking this can also cause a candida die off cleansing reaction. Lugol's 2% iodine is available at for $11.

Iodine Link:

8. My next top supplement now is H2O2. Many older guys swear by it. It helps the lungs, digestion, parasite cleanse, and overall speeds healing. H2O2 seemed to help me avoid sugar and bread because I think it helped my digestion, and energy levels, and helped me avoid seeking sugar or bread during the "sugar crash" times. It may have also helped kill the final bit of bad gut bacteria in my stomach, and after I started this about 2 months ago, my stomach stopped hurting in the morning, which I used to interpret as hunger. (I dilute 35% food grade H2O2 into a 3% solution, and then worked my way up from 3 drops of the 3% dropped into a full glass of water. Now I'm taking 10 drops. In the morning on an empty stomach, with no food for an hour after.) (And H2O2 is a miracle germ killer; killing all three, bacterial, fungals, and virals.) The medical establishment seems to hate it, except for a few doctors. Taking this can also cause a candida die off cleansing reaction. I ordered 35% food grade at for $11

H2O2 link:

9. My next top supplement is DMSO sulfur; helps arthritis, mental conditions, and overall speeds healing, and is a great pain reliever (not blocker). It is an anti inflammatory. It's a solvent, and seems to help the body absorb minerals. (And DMSO a miracle germ killer; killing all three, bacterial, fungals, and virals.) The medical establishment seems to hate it, except for a few doctors. Taking this can also cause a candida die off cleansing reaction. I got two, two pound bags at for $60.


10. My next miracle supplement is boron. Great for arthritis, strong bones, detoxing fluoride, boosting testosterone. (And boron a miracle germ killer; killing all three, bacterial, fungals, and virals.) The medical establishment seems to hate it, except for a few doctors. Taking this can also cause a candida die off cleansing reaction. Amazing these three things are true for all four of these super supplements; iodine, H2O2, DMSO and boron! I take Now food brand, this one is very cheap.

Boron link:

11. Cheat(?) foods: chocolate and coffee. I love 'em. Chocolate contains many minerals. Coffee is often associated with health benefits, and is really "seed soup". Everyone knows soup is good for you. Coffee helps the liver, longevity, etc.

12. I have a closet full of supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs and essential oils. But I lately, I think the things above are about the top of the list. There are several other minerals that seem to also share some of these miracle properties of killing germs, and healing the brain, including colloidal silver and copper. Some people have mentioned combining one or two of these things.

A flaw in human knowledge seems to be that people tend to specialize and champion one thing. Uh, did I do that with silver? People tend to champion one thing as "THE" cure. For example, "the iodine doctors". Or "The DMSO sulfur doctors". It seems to me that when you do many good things at once, there is a much more powerful multiplier effect. Maybe society needs to heal more before they can hear the message about silver? I don't know. It seems the message about silver as an investment should have gone viral by now. Why hasn't it? Even Jesus had John the Baptist prepare the way for his message. Even Jesus could not heal people in cities that had no faith.

13. In Dec. 2015, I saw a naturopath and was tested for nutritional deficiencies, and discovered I was low in zinc and copper; high in iron and selenium. It was after taking zinc and copper and getting the benefits from them, that I next discovered boron, then iodine, then went looking and found H2O2 and the DMSO. Fixing nutritional deficiencies might be the most important part of this list! Other people have problems with excess copper, or low iron. I was the opposite. We are all unique; there is no one guide for everyone.

14. Paleo diet and milk: My diet is like paleo. But I don't strictly avoid milk. I understand there is a lot of controversy around milk, and milk products, people write that both pasteurization and homogenization cause problems. I tried avoiding ice cream for 6 months one time, then finally had some, and then felt very strong in the gym. My friend did the same thing, and felt the same thing! There has to be something good about milk. The Bible calls Israel "the land of milk and honey". I think raw goat's milk might be best, but I don't find that available. I sometimes find raw milk, and I think it's a treat. The potentially high bacterial count does not bother me, because I'm taking so many other antibiotic minerals. The Budwig diet is a cancer busting diet treatment which consists of cottage cheese and flax. A recent discovery is Gcmaf for cancer, which is found in milk. Bodybuilders supplement with creatine, again, found in milk. Grass Fed butter seems to be touted as a health food, because it's high in omega 3's, and I put that in my coffee.

There seems to be a strong theme to my list. Sugars are bad, contain no minerals. Sugars create candida. Minerals are good. Minerals kill off candida.

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