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Nomi Prins: Entering Into a Global Bear Market

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Published : February 05th, 2016
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Category : Gold and Silver

Here are the key points raised in this interview with Nomi Prins:

  • International codependency of countries 
  • Have central banks reached their limit?
  • Are central banks in panic mode?
  • Too big to fail banks
  • Gold and the potential ban of cash
  • Gold vs the US dollar

Nomi Prins is an investigative journalist, successful author, seasoned banker and prominent public intellectual. She has a unique combination of skills including Ph.D. level training in statistics and hands-on work as an investment banker. She is the author of All the Presidents' Bankers: The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power. (

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Mr. Dan Popescu is an independent investment analyst and studies the gold and silver market and their future role in the international monetary system. He has followed regularly since 1970 the gold, silver and foreign exchange markets. He has a bachelor degree in physics (1993) from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and has completed the Canadian investment management certificate (1999) of the Canadian Securities Institute. He is a member and was the president in 2004 of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts and also was president in 2005 of the Montreal CFA Society. He is a member of the CFA Institute, the Market Technicians Association, the New York Society of Security Analysts, the United Kingdom Society of Investment Professionals, the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts and the Gold Standard Institute International.
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