Perfectly Normal Trading – Another Sunday Gold / Silver Market Open Waterfall

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Published : July 01st, 2019
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Category : Gold and Silver

WOW! Whoda thought we see something like a waterfall on the open of a Sunday night after gold and silver have both enjoyed headlines the world over for the past two weeks?

Static charts to freeze the moment

The good news it appears the traders were expecting it as the chart immediately bounced and, gold especially, began climbing. I’d bet both are going to get smacked down again and the smack down will be pretty hard. We are getting our dry powder ready because it’s not going to hold very long – maybe a month, but both metals are going back above $1,400 and will settle the year at or above $1,450. Silver will perform well after this smack down and recover, possibly as high as $16.00+ by years end.

We will be updating this throughout the evening and, if warranted, begin a new thread first thing Monday morning. Look for another whack to the forehead before sunrise.

The charts below are live and will continue to follow the action.

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