Peter Daniels Talks On "Gold" Part 2

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From the Archives : Originally published May 18th, 2010
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By anybody’s standards Peter Daniels has a most amazing "rags to riches" story.


At the age of 26 Peter was an illiterate bricklayer, from a 3rd generation welfare recipient family. Today he has involvement in business that spans the globe, has chaired boards of directors, advised corporations and governments and written several books.
When asked if there was one key factor that brought about this change, Peter Daniels sites when he, and his wife Robina, attended a Billy Graham Crusade and May 25th 1959; "I suddenly realized I was equal with all men before God."


Peter Daniels kindly made time for this interview in September 1999.


PHILIP: There is many different ways that people can buy and own gold and silver; in your opinion what are some of the different factors that people should consider when purchasing precious metals?


PETER DANIELS: Historically we need to remember when President Roosevelt confiscated gold in 1933, there were essentially 2 types of gold he didn’t touch; 1 was anything that was "ancient", and 2ndly, anything of religious significance, we understand this still holds true in any western democracy. For government to destroy (or confiscate) anything of religious significance would require a change in constitutions on religious freedoms.


That’s where Australia Fair’s Inspirational Biblical Hero Medallions comes in. In the last 18months we had a lot of people say, "hey this makes a lot of sense". They have been buying this form of gold not just as a heritage for their children’s children, but also as a protection against what I believe will be the greatest financial collapse in the history of mankind.


As we saw in the documentary "Millennium Money", you don’t escape Vietnam, Cambodia or Kosovo with paper money, you get out with gold. I think we again need that kind of currency as a protection, and I have tried to encourage people to do that wherever I have gone.


PHILIP: What makes you say the Biblical Hero Medallions are unique?


PETER DANIELS: 1stly they are not legal tender. If you hold a gold coin of any country (inmost cases) you are only the bearer, not the owner. Because they are such a small denomination, they are a much better and more tradable item. You cant really do better than that anywhere in the world.


PHILIP: If you had to name some simple rules for people’s own personal economics what would they be?


PETER DANIELS: Well I would suggest these five;
1) never let your financial future depend on a loan. Never put yourself in a position where you HAVE to have a loan and everything collapses if you don’t. You don’t have the right to do that to your family.


2) never get involved in a commitment where debt can expand. For example leases where they can change the rules, or banks where they can put up interest rates. You need to have caps on loans.


3) never enter into an agreement where you don’t have total control. You must not be unequally yoked, you have got to have control.


4) never allow reserves to become collateral. You should always have reserves. One of the things I have done over the last 30 years is kept financial reserves. When you have setbacks, which happen, you can fall back on you reserves. Reserves shouldn’t be kept in the same bank, they should be kept quite separate. You need to have 20% of your net worth in cash and gold and silver.


5) never allow easy access to your assets. You need to make sure you have your assets protected against financial scalpers


PHILIP: By applying these rules do you feel this would help our listeners prepare for what you see coming?


PETER DANIELS: That would be part of it but also people need to get out of debt. For instance, if you have a huge home and you have debt on it, scale down, get something that you can manage. If you are not already, start paying down your debt, consolidate your debts, get them out of the way. There is nothing that will hurt you as much as debt.


Its amazing as I have been travelling to see how many people are taking this quite seriously. The interesting thing is that these people are still giving, still tithing, because they know Luke 6:38 to be true, "give and it will be given to you." We should always give God the first fruits.


PHILIP: You’ve said that we in the west are slow at times to react to change. How aggressively should people be applying these principles that you have spoken about?


PETER DANIELS: We have been able to prove scientifically that successful people make decisions quickly and change their mind rarely, while unsuccessful people make decisions slowly and change their mind often.


If someone knows that which we are talking about today is correct, then act upon it – get something done about it ! Its up to the individual how far they go on it, but every one needs to make some decisions.


Lets look at a scenario that I don’t believe will happen. Lets say if, ten years from now, every thing has turned around and looks rosy, and what we and so many other commentators have predicted hasn’t happen, well what have you lost? – absolutely nothing. But if it goes the way we are suggesting, and you haven’t taken the precautions, then you and your family are going to be in trouble.


PHILIP: We have been saying the days ahead will be days of great opportunity for those who have prepared.


PETER DANIELS: I think that is always the case. People who have reserves and have no debt, when we are coming out of this great trauma, they will be in the most incredible position to do what ever they want, and maybe even setup their family for many generations to come. With every adversary there is a seed or equivalent to a greater benefit.


PHILP: The world is changing now more rapidly than maybe any other time in all history. How will this change process effect us in the next few years?


PETER DANIELS: Change is and will always be part of human events, the one thing that is constant is change. I think the changes in the future are going to be major and to cope with that change you have got to create a mind-set where you welcome change, because you know there will be more change after that. Change is often painful.


I was asked recently what is something that I have noticed over the last 5 years around the world that was not there before? To answer, if there is anything 1 thing I have noticed it would be fear – fear of not being able to handle change. This fear has been coming mainly from men in their 40s – 60s, they are frightened they will not be able to cope, they are frightened because of change. To be able to handle change is a act of the will. I believe the will is the integrity of the soul. It means you are going to have to discipline your life more than ever before to be able to cope with this change. Remember things change but principles never change, so stay with your principles, your ethics and you will find that you will cope with change.


PHILIP: Mr. Daniels, Thank you for your time today.


Philip Judge

Anglo Far-East Company


Also by Philip Judge




Philip Judge is the 3rd generation of a family that has had substantial involvement in the Precious Metals markets. He has researched, written and spoken on the gold, silver and commodities markets for over a decade. Philip works in the marketing and operations department of The Anglo Far-East Bullion Company, an internationally based Bullion Banking, Investment Management and Financial Services Company








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Philip Judge is the 3rd generation of a family that has had substantial involvement in the Precious Metals markets. He has researched, written and spoken on the gold, silver and commodities markets for over a decade
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