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Regia Fund Update: Introducing Rich Selby

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Published : April 07th, 2010
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As regular readers of this blog know, I am now living in Moscow and have launched a fund to Invest in Russian Black Earth farmland. Today, I want to introduce Rich Selby.

Introducing Rich Selby

In a major development since my last update, Rich Selby has recently joined Regia as COO. Rich is a well known veteran in international agribusiness. with 22 year experience, who has been working in Russia for the last 16 years and has a deep experience in large-scale agriculture operations in Russia. He is currently on leave in Des Moines, Iowa, during which he will be meeting with investors in various locations around the US.

Another benefit of Rich joining the team is that he also owns and operates a private corporate security consulting company specializing in Russia and has worked with various large western corporate clients in Russia on security and dispute resolution issues. Regia Fund couldn’t hope to find a better person to insure the safety of its Russian investments.

Amazing opportunity to acquire Black Earth farmland

Right now is a once in a life time opportunity to invest in agriculture. It will be decades before the world sees farmland as undervalued as it is in Russia today. However, once gold/food shortages are revealed to the world this summer, the situation will quickly change as panicked investors flee into hard assets around the globe.

For anyone considering investing in agriculture, now is the time to act.

1) There are some incredibly attractive opportunities available right now to acquire black earth farmland at firesale prices (below $600 per hectare), some of which we know won’t last much longer. Investments in Regia will immediately be used to secure land at rock bottom prices.

2) Agricultural commodities are going to start rallying going into the summer on tightening supply (See
*****2010 Food Crisis for Dummies*****), which will start driving up farmland prices.

3) With
gold manipulation OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED, the collapse of the London paper gold market and the dollar is imminent. Owning hard assets outside the US financial system will become very attractive, and this will also start pushing up the price of farmland.

email me or Charles Bausman if you’re interested.


Regia Fund Team

Charles Bausman , CEO and Director

Cofounder. 18 year Russia experience. Last 2 years in Russian agribusiness. Hands-on experience in acquiring Russian agricultural land, building agribusiness management teams, and evaluating Russian agribusiness companies. Strong understanding of how to finance agribusiness projects.

Prior to Regia director of Mesed Agro, a large 50,000 ha cropping company in the Central Black Earth Region. Ongoing work with several large agriculture investment firms in Russia identifying and acquiring properties. Extensive experience in all aspects of agricultural asset valuation, acquisition, title, due diligence. Based in heart of Russian farmland region with deep local knowledge and contacts. Proven ability to retain excellent local personnel.

Previous experience includes building a successful airfreight and mailorder company, running, Russia’s largest ecommerce retailer, hedge fund investments in Russia and asset management. Strong network in Russian business, finance, and government. Proven ability to build and manage strong Russian management. Experienced in corporate finance, private equity, and financial markets.

Age 45. US citizen. Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut, USA. Finance MBA, Columbia University. Location: Tambov, Russia. Foreign languages: Russian , German (both fluent). Married, 2 children.

Eric deCarbonnel, Managing Director

Cofounder. Founder of a highly successful and widely read economics blog that has tracked the current financial crisis since September of 2008. MarketSkeptics has a global readership and has received 2.4 million page hits since its inception. It provides research, analysis and comment regarding the economy and current financial events. Eric also publishes major articles on other leading internet financial analysis sites. Prior to founding MarketSkeptics in the spring of 2008 auditor at McGladrey & Pullen LLP, a major Certified Public Accounting firm located in Stamford, Connecticut, USA. For data on readership of Marketskeptics, please visit the statistics section at the bottom of the home page at

Age 28. US citizen. Hometown: Darien , Connecticut, USA and Geneva, Switzerland. Eric attended Cornell University and has a BA in accounting from Fairfield University, Connecticut, USA. Location: Moscow and Tambov, Russia. Foreign languages: French and Spanish (fluent), Russian (learning)

Rich Selby, COO

Well known veteran in international agribusiness. 22 year experience, 16 of which in Russia. Most recently, Mr. Selby has been managing a 200 000 acre 200,000 (80,000 ha) grain and oilseed cropping operation in the Ukraine. Previously, financial advisor to SAKHO, the largest Russian cropping company with 400,000 ha in production. General manager agroscience division of Dow Chemical Company, Moscow, Russia. VP at Compressor Controls Corp, a multinational oil and gas controls company. Regional VP for agribusiness division of AES, a Fortune 500 global power company. Special Attache for Agricultural and Environmental Issues, US Embassy, Belarus. Comanaged the operations of ACDIVOCA, a U.S. government-sponsored overseas agribusiness program with extensive operations in Eastern Europe.

Strong experience in cropping operations, including large scale organic farming. Strong experience in financing agribusiness projects in Russia.

Organic farming experience: Currently cropping consultant to Lehi Roller Mills, one of the largest organically certified mills in the US. In 2006 founder, New Century Organics, Boulder Colorado, which identifies land that can be converted to organic and assists owners in organic certification. 2002 board advisor to NAPI, a Navajo owned 27,000 acre organic complex near Farmington, New Mexico.

Mr. Selby also owns and operates a private corporate security consulting company specializing in Russia and has worked with various large western corporate clients in Russia on security and dispute resolution issues.

45 years old, US citizen. Hometown, Des Moines, Iowa. BA in Russian and business administration from University of Iowa. Completed graduate studies in agricultural economics at Iowa State University. Location Des Moines (current), and Tambov (upon commencement of operations).
Foreign languages: Russian (fluent). Married, 2 children.


Eric de Carbonnel

 Market Skeptics


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