Rob Kirby: Gold, Silver, ESF and the Collapsing Economy

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Published : April 04th, 2020
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Category : Gold and Silver

When you want to discuss the ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund) it’s best to discuss with someone who knows something about it. Rob Kirby is who I always think of when it comes to discussing the ESF.

Rob Kirby, Kirby Analytics, has the ability to put all the parts together to complete a picture that most will overlook or may not understand the picture actually exist. One of the reasons he is able to do this with ease is the fact that he has been aware of the ESF for such a long time and factors this “black money” into his equations. In order to understand how the criminal, fraudulent government is able to work with the criminal banking cabal – and make it happen in the dark – you have to know the ESF exist. It is never discussed in the media. It is never mentioned in any type of financial crisis, it wasn’t even mentioned during the 2007 / 2008 crisis that started this whole mess we have today.

The equities stock market, and soon all American markets, will be controlled by the Federal Reserve. These markets will not function as an indicator of anything to do with the economy, production of goods or commodities. The Federal Reserve will simply put the price where they wish it to be and then move the dial to that point. How much longer will the world accept this type of criminal activity?

If we look at the backbone to make this happen we see the Federal Reserve Note, U.S. “dollar” showing “strength” again which provides cover to smash both gold and silver. This also hampers other currencies around the world in one way or another. Gold is the “rat” that will tell the world the Federal Reserve Note is doing poorly. Gold does this by climbing to higher and higher prices. If gold is quiet, well, the world believes all is well.

The gold and silver markets appear to be completely decoupling from the paper COMEX / LBMA markets and may begin operating completely outside any price setting platform. Mr Kirby seems to think this is a real possibility. If the precious metals markets continue down the path they are on currently gold, and silver too, will be screaming at the world that something is very, very wrong. This is already happening around the world.

This is a very timely conversation and Rob Kirby provides some great information as to what is happening and how all this mess ties together.

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