Robert Johnson with Paul Jay: The Convergence of Finance and Politics

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Published : June 16th, 2014
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As you may know, Robert Johnson is one of my favorite speakers on economic matters. He does not get sufficient exposure, and certainly not on the mainstream media.

Here is an interesting perspective on recent financial history of the US, leading up to the development of our current system of finance and governance. It is an interview on The Real News with Paul Jay. You may find the interviews there with transcripts.

Reality will indeed assert itself at some point. The longer the wait, the great the force required to delay it, and the more dramatic the eventual reversion to the mean, whatever that might ultimately prove to be. It does vary, depending on the selected dataset and how one chooses to measure it.

Some would contend that the natural state of mankind is the dominance of the few and the enslavement of the many. Others would see it as an ever rising and falling impulse to freedom and virtue. Perhaps as Heraclitus contended, the only constant is change.

I will present the next segment on 'breaking the Bank of England' in the next segment as it becomes available.

Here are parts I and II of the same interview which consist largely of Johnson's personal background and development.

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