Russian General: “The USSR Collapsed and the Same Fate Has Been Prepared for the USA”

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Published : October 03rd, 2012
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In the following video commentary Russian General Konstantin P. Petrov (Ret.) asks some interesting questions and includes his own thoughts (perhaps the non-official Russian position) about a variety of topics that include the end of US dollar hegemony, the orchestration of the 9-11 attacks to engage America in a mid-east war, the puppeteers behind the politicians and the coming premeditated collapse of the United States of America as we know it.

While here in the United States we remain enclosed in a propaganda bubble controlled by western multi-billion dollar media conglomerates, business interests and political alliances, there can be no doubt that other schools of thought exist throughout the world. What may seem like reality to our populace is perhaps nothing more than illusion.

The United States does not exist in a vacuum. As such, we simply cannot ignore the assessments, outlook and opinions of foreign leadership as they pertain to the global implications of current events.

How did they ruin the USSR? They called the Soviet Union a ‘prison for people’ and an ‘evil empire’.

The same thing is being done to the United States.

We also intervened in Afghanistan and do you remember how that ended? It’s the same thing with the United States, and the American can’t do anything there. Now the entire muslim world hates the United States.

And when the global mafia dumps the dollar the entire world will think that the Americans deserved this. But this won’t benefit people in our country, especially those who’ve been saving up dollars.

There’s another thing that we should take into account.

In the United States lives 5% of the world’s population, but Americans consume 50% of the world’s energy resources. The global mafia sees this as a problem.

Some of our people who fled to the US, and now live there on welfare, live better there unemployed than they would have lived in Russia even if they were employed.

The slave masters think that this situation in the US is unacceptable because even the slaves live relatively well there. so the United States is doomed too in this sense.

Even if you’re the head of a mighty state and you don’t understand global politics and don’t understand the methods of global politics you’re still a hostage of the global mafia. The leadership of the USSR and the leadership of the USA carried out internal and external politics, but the global mafia carries out global politics.

The USSR collapsed and the same fate has been prepared for the USA.

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No joking allowed anymore ? Get serious.
The Joker ,
Rate :   7  3Rating :   4
Back to the article which seems to have been mysteriously moved out of the centre of attention by some clever distractions and bickering by those of dubious opinion!!

So lets get this straight, the only people who would agree with the official events of 9/11 have a vested interest in the truth never coming out!!

Its so obvious now that there has been a MAFIA style of control of the planet, I really dont understand why certain people dont get it or dont get that the people are now onto them!! The games up , the Russian Generals view holds a lot more water than the crap spouted on the MSM and thats a fact.
Rate :   11  4Rating :   7
I wish I could understand what you were trying to tell. You are asking a question or are you trying to say something ?
Rate :   1  4Rating :   -3
Employed by Deutsche Bank ?
vox kadavergehorsamkeit und schwerpunkt ?
Rate :   1  13Rating :   -12
Jim (a part of Deep Slime, the Obama department of misinformation and obfuscation) could never leave the site, not while he still has a contractual obligation to wright comments that are contrary to any article or comment that's negative of Obama and his regime.

He will be one of those people that, when SHTF, will then know they were wrong and then have nothing left to do but place themselves at the mercy of the almighty US government and its social programs. I sure hope he likes the Fusion Center accommodations.

GGA - Gold Guns Amo
Rate :   28  9Rating :   19
Dear Hart,

i must take a moment to congratulate you for your stunningly brilliant expose of that most reprehensible Obama stooge, Jim C. i will admit that he had me fooled, proclaiming himself to be a Republican voter who backed Santorum during the primary season. However, i can now appreciate why Obama would have far preferred to be facing Santorum and so would have sent his payed minions out to do his bidding. But you have set the record straight for those of us lacking the intellectual wherewithall to figure these things out for ourselves. Indeed, your tireless efforts to shine a bright light upon this monster lurking in our midst, no doubt at great personal expense to yourself, has earned you my eternal gratitude.

As i was the last and perhaps only individual to so mistakenly attempt to defend the extension of civility to that cravenly malicious Obama plant, Jim C. and now feel so ashamed of myself for my obvious shortcoming; i very much hope that you will find as much sense of purpose in whatever it is you choose to do next.

Best of luck,


Rate :   7  35Rating :   -28
Vox, you used to present interesting and thought provoking comments. What changed within you that would cause this sudden shift is something you’ll have to answer. Obviously you took offense to my last comment on the way you chose to express yourself regarding a comment Tom made about Jim. You became a vulgar bully.

You seemed to completely miss the point I was making here, there are many like Jim who are paid to disperse false information and challenge any commentary that’s negative to Obama. You simply took this as nothing more than a personal assault against Jim. I used the same tactic Jim has used, challenging an individual in a comment on an article, for a very long time but I’ve yet to see you take Jim to task for the practice.

Congratulations, you’re relentless defense of Jim has given us a glimpse of who you really are. What arrogance, you lament others when they chose to include a comment on an individual but have chosen to descend to that level yourself.

Congratulations on coming out of the closet. Without this last comment I might have continued to value your opinion, but feel free to continue your condescending comments from on high. Each and every one will validate what I just said about you.

Rate :   20  6Rating :   14
Makes you wonder if Vox is now gainfully employed in an effort to discredit anyone that would dare slam Obama.
Rate :   23  5Rating :   18

Sorry you have been taking heat for defending free commentary -- even though you have disagreed with much of what I have said. It is sad that such rebuttals to feature articles on this great site generate personal hate (rather than honest debate) among certain readers -- but that can't be helped.

For the record I am a limited government Libertarian. I qualified that because many so-called Libertarians believe in no government at all -- which is why I often criticize their criticism of the current system. I fear that what they would replace our flawed system with would be much worse. I also criticize articles that spread unfounded conspiracy theories and hatred of Ameirca. There is much to critique about American, but not the nation as a whole. I believe it the legitimate role of 'comments' to bring up these issues -- which ought to be debated, rather than ignored.

Again, much thanks to the editors of this site who daily bring many significant articles to our attention and offer as well a forum for open debate.

I don't expect matters to change, but we can only try to make changes in our own little ways.
Rate :   17  27Rating :   -10
Nobody will believe you ! You want to be framed on this great site ?
Qualified Jim C. said:
"what would they replace our flawed system with ? "
"Hatred of America." ???
Being loved less and less.
I recommend buying 5 Oz silver America the Beautiful coins.
No words , actions.
Apmex can offer them cheaper than the US Govt Mint.
I read above once more before sending. No spelling mistakes ? No ?!
That's what it has become Ameirca.

Rate :   16  4Rating :   12
When have you ever written a comment that wasn’t hate filled? It’s all you do. If and when you ever have something to say about an actual article I’m sure the mere troglodytes here on 24hgold would take it as some sort of sign from above that the world really ends in 2012.
Rate :   17  3Rating :   14
Jimmy, Nice to see after your hissy fit you can't resist voicing your opinion on this site.
"Evidence? Nothing I accept "
Do you read or watch anything other than this web site or MSM propaganda? Yes it is propaganda, zionist bankers are good, crazy muslims are bad.yada yada yada. Iraq has WMD ,IRAN might get a nuke. How many times does the media pound that into your head in a week?
You can't possibly be that blind to history and who funds and owns most governments and the media, well maybe you can since you stated,"Evidence? Nothing I accept "
Although once in a great while you do post something with a glimmer of rational thought but it is far and few between. When the SDHTF and if the Internet is still available and this web site is still here. PLEASE post your opinion on why you did not see it coming. I'll need a good laugh.
Rate :   29  12Rating :   17
So the world, USA included, is being manipulated by a global cabal -- the Global Mafia (also known by some as the Illuminati). Salvo presents some Russian general as holding views he probably himself holds, "the orchestration of the 9-11 attacks to engage America in a mid-east war, the puppeteers behind the politicians and the coming premeditated collapse of the United States of America as we know it."

Evidence? Nothing I accept -- especially from a 'Russian General'. But what to do for the coming end of the world? Why, buy silver and gold, emergency supplies, freeze dried food, solar batteries! And where to buy? Why, of all things, Mac Slavo sells them on his site

Amazing confluence of providence.

Rate :   19  45Rating :   -26
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When have you ever written a comment that wasn’t hate filled? It’s all you do. If and when you ever have something to say about an actual article I’m sure the mere troglodytes here on 24hgold would take it as some sort of sign from above that the world r  Read more
Schwerpunkt - 10/9/2012 at 7:42 PM GMT
Rating :  17  3
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