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Self Imposed House Arrest Nets 2 Kilos of Gold!

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Published : May 24th, 2020
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Category : Gold and Silver

There is at least one tremendously good story coming from the global self imposed house arrest. Two children have found 2 one kilo gold bars while playing at a family members house. Can you imagine finding two gold bars weighing in at approximately a kilo per bar!! That’d be alright with me.

Chloe Taylor reports for CNBC

Two French kids reportedly stumbled upon more than $100,000 worth of gold while they were in coronavirus lockdown.

According to local media, the children — both around 10 years old — made the discovery when their family went to stay with an older relative in the French town of Vendome after lockdown measures were enforced in March.

A few days after their arrival, they decided to build a fort, BFM TV reported, which led them to search for objects they could use around the house. During the search, the children found the two gold bars wrapped up in old sheets.

Until he saw the bars, the children’s father thought they had found his mother’s antique knife holders, according to BFM.

But when he saw the bars, which weighed around a kilogram each, he contacted local auctioneers who confirmed that they were gold bullion. Source

The sad part is the French government now knows about their good fortune and will somehow now find a way to get their clutches into some, if not most, of their new found wealth.

At least the auctioneer, Philippe Rouillac, is on top of the situation seemingly paying attention to the gold market. He is planning on waiting for the gold market to go a little higher, well, actually a lot higher from where it was at the beginning of the year.

“We are going to wait for gold prices to rise a little more,” he said. He added that at the start of 2020, each bar would be worth around 43,000 euros, but by June, their value could rise to 54,000 euros. Source

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