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Silver: Whoever Holds It Is the Owner, Period

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Published : March 24th, 2021
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Put your trust in whatever account you wish it matters not to us. It is your funds, your retirement, your savings and YOUR DECISION. We made our decision years ago. We made the decision when my wife was dead against any of it. Against closing my 401k account – all taxes and fees were recovered years and years ago. Against renovating our house to improve our situation. Now we look like everyone else and you can’t pick us out of a crowd. We pushed forward.

Now, things are beginning to fall apart and, well, maybe it wasn’t such a bad decision after all.

Found this on Twitter earlier. Sums it up nicely. Not sure what all the fuss is about, I have ordered silver, twice in the last five days, through one of the largest online bullion dealers and one of the two orders shipped today, 3/24/21. Payment had to clear because it was paid with an e-check. It is almost exclusively silver coins. The other order should ship tomorrow and it is 100% silver coins, including Perth Mint Koala’s and Kook’s. Who doesn’t have silver? That’s right people that trust other people.

Silver is rare and should be held by the owner because at the end of the day, whoever holds it is the owner. If you don’t believe me ask JulieGsilver.

24hGold - Silver: Whoever Hold...

24hGold - Silver: Whoever Hold...

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