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Published : October 14th, 2017
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"Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est."
Where kindness and love are, God is there.

4th century antiphon, melody 9th century

"Hear now this, O people, foolish and without hearts; who have eyes and do not see; and have ears, but do not hear."

Jeremiah 5:21

Gold and silver caught a big today, even as stocks continued their slanted push up against trend resistance.

I have some optimism for the price of gold here, as it seems to draw the usual rally off the Non-Farm Payrolls bottom, all other things being equal. There is intermediate trend resistance at 1340 that may prove to be quite a test for any breakout attempts. Silver is moving with gold in this. If at some point it becomes a flight to safety, I am not sure how well they will pace each other. Otherwise, silver remains more 'lively' than gold in its movements.

As I recall we are entering a December contract period which may have some energy behind it, especially if we have already passed the late seasonal low for precious metals.

Today is the 100th anniversary of the sixth apparition, and the 'miracle of the sun,' in Fátima, Portugal on October 13, 1917.

Have a very pleasant weekend.

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