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Published : April 05th, 2019
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Having disgraced themselves with full immersion in the barren RussiaGate “narrative,” the Resistance is now tripling down on RussiaGate’s successor gambit: obstruction of justice where there was no crime in the first place. What exactly was that bit of mischief Robert Mueller inserted in his final report, saying that “…while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him?”

It’s this simple: prosecutors are charged with finding crimes. If there is insufficient evidence to bring a case, then that is the end of the matter. Prosecutors, special or otherwise, are not authorized to offer hypothetical accounts where they can’t bring a criminal case. But Mr. Muller produced a brief of arguments pro-and-con about obstruction for others to decide upon. In doing that, he was out of order, and maliciously so.

Of course, Attorney General Barr took up the offer and declared the case closed, as he properly should where the prosecutor could not conclude that a crime was committed. One hopes that the AG also instructed Mr. Mueller and his staff to shut the fuck up vis-à-vis further ex post facto “anonymous source” speculation in the news media. But, of course, the Mueller staff — which inexplicably included lawyers who worked for the Clinton Foundation and the Democratic National Committee — at once started insinuating to New York Times reporters that the full report would contain an arsenal of bombshells reigniting enough suspicion to fuel several congressional committee investigations.

The objective apparently is to keep Mr. Trump burdened, hobbled, and disabled for the remainder of his term, and especially in preparation for the 2020 election against whoever emerges from the crowd of lightweights and geriatric cases now roistering through the primary states. It also leaves the door open for the Resistance to prosecute an impeachment case, since that is a political matter, not a law enforcement action.

This blog is not associated with any court other than public opinion, and I am free to hypothesize on the meaning of Mr. Mueller’s curious gambit, so here goes: Mr. Barr, long before being considered for his current job, published his opinion that there was no case for obstruction of justice in the RussiaGate affair. By punting the decision to Mr. Barr, Mr. Mueller sets up the AG for being accused of prejudice in the matter — and, more to the point, has managed to generate a new brushfire in the press.

Mr. Barr could see this coming from a thousand miles away. I suspect he’s pissed off about being set up like this. I suspect further that he knows this brushfire is intended to produce a smokescreen to obscure the rash of grand jury referrals coming down in the weeks and months ahead against the many government employees who concocted the RussiaGate scandal. Personally, I think Mr. Mueller himself deserves to be in that roundup for destroying evidence (the Strzok / Page cell phones) and for malicious prosecution against General Flynn, among other things.

The reason Mr. Mueller did not bring an obstruction of justice charge against Mr. Trump is that the evidence didn’t support it. He didn’t have a case. In a trial — say, after Mr. Trump was impeached or left office — the discovery process could bring to light evidence that might embarrass and even incriminate Mr. Mueller and his staff, and cast further opprobrium on the federal justice agencies. For instance: why did Mr. Mueller drag out his inquiry for two years when he must have known by at least the summer of 2017 that the Steele dossier was a fraud perpetrated by the Clinton campaign?

Now the propaganda crusade has been initiated to defame Mr. Barr. The idiots running the budding new congressional inquiries are going to pile on him, with the help of the news media. Though he is said to be an “old friend” of Robert Mueller’s, I believe they have become adversaries, perhaps even enemies. Mr. Mueller is not in a position of strength in this battle. He has now officially exited the stage as his mandate expires, so he has no standing to oppose further consequences in the aftermath of RussiaGate. What remains is a dastardly hoax as yet unadjudicated and an evidence trail a mile wide, and no amount of jumping up and down crying “woo woo woo” by Jerrold Nadler, Maxine Waters, and Adam Schiff going to derail that choo-choo train a’chuggin’ down the tracks.

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It appears you left "The Conclusion" out of your conclusion James. The general public at large, the VOTERS, never believed any of the RussiaGate Bullsh*t AND are even more pissed-off that The Resistance is MILKING it for another round of Nothing Burgers. That will bring on the 2020 Slap Back : the Trump 2020 RE-election.

On the down side; Trump's Mind Guides will continue to achieve their goals of Never-Ending-War Profits, the destruction of civil liberties, maintaining the fear of torture in the hearts of any dissent, and the socialization of any debt they incur. Again, on the down side: the VOTERS ~ who will give The Resistance their Righteously Deserved Slap-in-the-Face Defeat in 2020 ~ will think "we won AGAIN" without considering what THEY LOST when they won The First Time.

I can't find an up side to The Conclusion.
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It appears you left "The Conclusion" out of your conclusion James. The general public at large, the VOTERS, never believed any of the RussiaGate Bullsh*t AND are even more pissed-off that The Resistance is MILKING it for another round of Nothing Burgers  Read more
Gypsy - 4/6/2019 at 1:34 PM GMT
Rating :  1  1
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