The Anonymous Diamond, or the "Nameless"

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From the Archives : Originally published October 02nd, 2009
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This is one of the most mysterious diamonds ever. No one knows exactly where it was found, nor when, not even its story or whereabouts and its owners still remain unknown. Everything around this black diamond is an enigma. As far as we know this diamond has never even been named. As a result it turned out usual to call it “the Anonymous” or “the Nameless”.


The rough stone weighted 1000 carats which led the diamond to the 2nd place in the largest stones ever discovered right after The Cullinan with its 3106 carats. The Nameless is a black diamond, the rarest type of diamond on earth. Black diamonds are also called “carbonados” and for some scientists those diamonds do not come from the Earth but from outter space. Investigations showed that black diamonds are most likely formed in supernovas shockwaves with high pressure and temperature which are highly graded in hydrogen and carbon. As a result the pressure and the temperature would be sufficient to create black diamonds aggregates large enough to form an asteroid. Later on this asteroid of black diamonds would fall on the primitive Earth. (See : Black Diamonds come from outer space)



The Carbonados can only be found in two places on Earth, Brazil and Centrafrica, so The Nameless is very likely to have been found in one of these two countries. After cutting The Nameless still keeps the amazing weight of 489.07 carats with outstanding measurements 46.88 x 42.28 x 31.25 mm. Way bigger than his famous brother The Spirit Of Grisogono weightening 312.24 carats, The Nameless unfortunately does not have the fame it should deserve.


Its mystery remains complete and this incredible diamond is often forgotten or left behind, even placed to the rank of uninteresting diamonds.


The only real trace in history concerning The Nameless is a transaction in Dole (France) back in 2001 where it was sold for 1 829 388€ to an anonymous  buyer (as well).




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